Import of midi and/or pyramid project files?

This isn’t really a dealbreaker for me (heh. I already ordered a Hapax) but I do have some sketches on the pyramid that I would love to bring over once I have the Hapax. It would be nice not to play it out of one and in to the other as a means of transfer even if it isn’t day one.

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nvm. MIDI import is available and I just haven’t spotted the instructions in the manual.

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i am on preorder and lack export might be a deal breaker for me. is there any option how to transfer anything to daw? so far as I can tell there is nothing to find regarding export.
Thank you !!!

You can connect to a computer via usb and ‘track in midi’.

Please send feature requests to Squarp via contact form.

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sorry sir, but what is 'track in midi" ?

connect hapax via midi,
load up your daw,
set to daw track to take input from Hapax
hit record on the daw, play on hapax.

if you’re only using 1 midi channel on each track (so not MPE)
this way you can record 16 tracks at once “in realtime”
(though you can also bump up the BPM, to play it in faster)

you’d then have to repeat for other patterns.

its a bit of a faff, but is workable

but as I say, if there are feature requests Squarp may give us an export function.

thank you
this is exactly the reason, why i sold deluge. if there is no “normal” export, i will most probably cancel my preorder. it is a great machine, but this is just total no no for me. i am way to spoiled cos of MPC live 2.
Thank you TechnoBear (btw great work for Organelle)

soooo… today i got finally reply from the guys:
Hi Robert,
Thanks for your idea, indeed midi import and export is planned!
Have a nice day,
Afterwards I’ve asked if that might be by June (when I am getting mine) and the answer was:
For the moment we don’t know, we have a lot of work to fine tune some features and fix some bugs


That’s good to hear !

Timing is as expected, bugs and big issues will get priority ( rightly so!) - and they’ll also be getting a shed load of feature requests, so they’ll have to group / prioritize those according to various factors.

Whilst unfortunate there were limited units in first batch, the phasing of new incoming users might help in some ways - as some of the gremlins will hopefully have been worked out for the next batch of users


Midi import would be a big request of mine too,
I’ve got tons of cool midi patterns I’ve collected
I’d love to edit and use the features the hapax has to expande on…

Midi export would be great too if you want to take your ideas to the daw instead


Midi import, or any solution to transfer projects from Pyramid to Hapax would be an important ad !!!


Hi all, did midi import arrive yet? Guessing not as it doesn’t appear to be in the menu system or in the Hapax manual.
This is a very important feature for me so hoping this is prioritised in the new features list.

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Hi Jimbo,
No, Hapax cannot yet load or save midi files with fw 1.12. That was also one of my feature requests that I sent to squarp.

In everyday use, I have learned to live with the technology from @thetechnobear (record midi from one device to another). Hapax’s many capabilities make up for that.
Greetings, Michael


Thanks Michael. I’ll check out Technobears guidance but think I may be doing this already.

‘Yes please’ to midi file import :slight_smile:


That would be a tremendous feature to add. +2


I used MIDI import on my Pyramid but not as much as I had assumed I would. I usually ended up doing it the same way I am doing MIDI “import” on my Hapax: laptop playing MIDI out → Hapax recording MIDI in.
This is also my workaround for Hapax’s lack of Consolidate, which I ended up using on Pyramid more often than I assumed I would. Hapax playing MIDI (with fx, maths, probability, etc) → laptop recording MIDI, repeat a couple/few times to get a good take, then laptop playing MIDI out → Hapax recording MIDI in. Not ideal but it works and (bonus!) gives me a nice working copy of the MIDI parts in Logic.

Honestly, I don’t hate it. It’s not ideal but the trade-offs aren’t bad, less trouble than just getting a couple of my synth hardware devices (which I won’t name here) connected and running in my setup.

I would LOVE to have pyramid import but thanks to the way Pyramid projects worked, I already have the .mid files on my laptop via backed up Pyramid projects. Playing them out to Hapax is pretty simple (drag into Logic, play out from laptop to Hapax, record the MIDI on Hapax). The lane/instrument/track/output and other settings/config in the Pyramid projects don’t apply to Hapax. Some are missing or completely different functionally, some are just wrong because my Hapax setup is so different from the way I set up the Pyramid (Hapax is so much better in almost every way but so much more limited in a few key ways to my Pyramid use).

So yeah, I would like these features but they don’t prevent me from doing anything at all right now.


+1 for MIDI import/export - even pushing/pulling from SD card would be amazing.


Hoping this makes it into next update :pray:

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MIDI file import is a must. Put some MIDI files on the SD Card and let it import into the current pattern. I’m 100% sure this will come in the next update.