Import of midi and/or pyramid project files?

Any update on this from the team if this is on the roadmap? Thx.


I hope this feature won’t get forgotten.

At least an export MIDI feature to say, .mid files.

Importing .mid files to tracks also like Pyramid would be so nice, too.

There are workarounds, but if you want to change a few things in another MIDI editor, it requires recording from Hapax and then recording to Hapax, and the timing isn’t guaranteed.

There are some progressions I have as MIDI files and it’d be so nice if I could just drag them onto the SD card.


I doubt it has been forgotten. They’re still working on beta firmware updates for 1.14 that have bug fixes.

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Hopefully this is still coming & possible with the Hapax OS. I just sent in a request for .midi file import per pattern to show support for this.

TBH I’m not fussed with the Pyramid import though. I guess we can just record midi directly from the Pyramid into the Hapax if necessary. Haven’t tried this because my old Pyramid files don’t need to be moved to the Hapax.

Add my name to the midi import. Would love to see it too!