I found the Nudge!

Was looking through the unofficial manual this evening, and found th nudge function! Hold 2nd and BPM, then slide either left or right on the track pad. SUPER useful when playing unsynched with others. It’s a momentary increase or decrease in the bpm and jumps back to the current tempo as soon as you release the pad. Affects outgoing clock, too, so all of your sync’d gear nudges together. Amazing what you can find when you read the f***ing manual!


found the tempo nudge feature recently, using the din sync output to sync the old drummachines to someone playing records is a lot of fun for instance. i found it a bit sensitive though, would it be possible decrease the sensitivity on the touchpad nudge?

You just use it very sparingly. I haven’t found it to bee too much. However, I DO wish it would allow the user to nudge with an external clock source so that one can quickly and easily compensate for latency and cable length issues, etc… What would be really clever would be the ability to move the “sync anchors” around in time. 0.1ms accuracy would be ideal. Nudges to push the Pyramid’s central clock ahead of the 1 after the clock has started would be great, as well as similar accuracy in a per track nudge so that accurate phase alignments for samples and synths with sync-started oscillators can be achieved. I forget whether I suggested these features to Pyramid’s developers or not, but they seem like almost no-brainers in a modern sequencer, right?


unofficial manual? not sure if joking or serious…? if serious i wanna see of course :slight_smile:


thanks! i think i’d actually seen that mentioned before i actually snagged the Pyramid and forgot about it afterwards, will be digging in with it. appreciated

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