Hold note copying in step mode

In the manual it says “hold a note pad momentarily to override the global parameters values with the values contained in this note.”

This makes it impossible to view the settings of a note without overriding the global parameters. I view note settings a lot and I am having trouble understanding how this behavior is not ruining peoples fun but I dont see any posts on it

Its driving me fucking nuts!!!

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by “overriding” don’t they just mean if you want to tweak the parameters for a given step versus the global default parameters, you have to hold the step button down – and then tweak as desired. i don’t think merely holding down the step overrides anything without actually dialing the changes in via encoder(s)

If you hold down a step that already has parameter changes, it overrides the global parameters. So if you want to look at changes you made on a step, you lose your globals. This is extremely annoying, particularly in sequences with varying chance/maths per step. Can we at least get an option to change this behavior? The purpose of global settings is that they don’t change, if we cant to copy a note’s settings, that’s what copy and paste is for.

I wish, but its actually what GreaterBaker said… Kind of unusable for me

That’s funny. I like this behavior. I even suggested Squarp to also override the global/default parameters when you hold a note and adjust its parameters. Currently it doesn’t.

So as a workaround, you could check a note’s parameters without overriding by holding it, changing a parameter up and down again, then release the pad.

Maybe Squarp could make a shortcut/key combination to check/change a note’s parameters without overriding. Like Shift + Pad (if that isn’t already something?)

I think the default behavior should be that any note last “touched” should override the global parameters. This is similar to the Deluge, Oxi One and even FL Studio’s piano roll. It just makes the workflow really fast if you’re used to it.

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I really dont understand this. I feel like you should set global settings when you are touching 0 notes, and set a notes settings when you are touching them. If you want to copy a notes settings… cant you just hold the note and hit copy?

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Deluge does not copy chance, maths or note length from previous steps.

i’ve only mucked about in step mode programming some 303-style patterns for an hour or so but it seemed this was how it worked for me, essentially the same as Pyramid, except now with assignable note values for each step across the grid.

any new steps i entered defaulted to the global parameters for note length/velocity and i just held down the pad for a given step if i wanted to tweak that step’s length/velocity individually. for my uses there would be no reason otherwise to hold down the pad unless i wanted to change its parameters, i.e., not the default global setting

If you have a set of steps, and you have edited any parameter on those steps to make it different from global, and you then take you hands off hapax completely… if you then press the step that you edited away from global to see its values… those values are suddenly the global parameters.

I understand that some of you might like this for your personal workflows… but there does not seem to be a way to get away from this behavior and it seems a very strange behavior. I have had a lot of sequencers and I cannot recall any of them working this way. It took me a while to even figure out what was going on.

I would assume this was a pretty major bug but its written in the manual. Can there at least be an option to turn this off?


Good point. You’re right.

But it does make sense for velocity and note length.

And I think it should be remembered per track.

If you press 2nd+note then it previews the note but does not change the global settings.

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It doesn’t make sense for velocity and note length either. None of the global parameters should change unless the user intentionally changes them.

Glad to know there’s a way to view values without losing your settings. Still, I’d much prefer for the default to be non-destructive.

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I just tested and copy and paste work as it seems like they should already. If you want the params from one note you hold it and say copy. You hold a pad and say paste and it does that. This makes me think that this is just an oversight and the hold note to copy is a mistake. Can someone from Squarp respond or explain?

I actually really like this and I wish it stays as is.


Yeah, the current behaviour makes more sense to me as well.


For what it’s worth, this is a deliberate choice of ours.