HermodOS 1.71 bug skip steps gate

Hey, I’ve the same problem of this topic Hermod Skipped Gates (v 1.71) - CV Clock In
When in step mode the gate sequence skip some trigs , if I come back to sequence or track mode nothing bad happens , this happens just when I clock hermod from an external clock (PNW), any suggestion? Maybe it’s a bug?

many seemed to have had issues with PNW and clocking Hermod - so Id hazard a guess its probably related to this. (and I think you are also saying this only happens with PNW)

I don’t have a PNW, so cannot really test … but perhaps worth having a look at others posts to see if there were any solutions.

( I had a quick look, there’s quite a few threads… but in my look, I couldn’t see anything obvious, and no one looking into why PNW has issues, or different config possibilities with PNW)

if there are no solutions there, then contact Squarp via the contact form, perhaps they can get hold of a PNW and track down the source of these issues.

Thanks for your reply , I will try a different clock source , anyway if I take a look at the gate lights I can see that Pamela always stay in sync unlike hermod starts skipping and swinging some steps (just in step mode it seems)

Another thing that I can’t get work is starting the hermod sequencer without arming it before (I tried it with different cv sources)

Any suggestions?

I have the same problem when clocking Hermod from MIDI, if I enter triggers to clock / advance DFAM some of the triggers either skip or play in quick succession. I have not been able to work around the issue and usually have to delete the sequence and start again.

Just came by to say that I’ve only experienced the issue once since my initial post… only way I was able to fix it was to delete my project and start over. That being said, I haven’t been using Hermod gate outs on most of my patches lately, using it mostly for CV.

The only thing I can think of… which I haven’t really explored is to shorten the width of the gates out of the PNW so they are more like triggers. No idea if this will do anything but I’ve seen some other modules act odd when getting gates longer/wider than expected.

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