hermodOS 1.40 firmware update

Hi guys,

We just released hermodOS 1.40!
Download it now: http://squarp.net/hermodos

Good news: Hermod USB HOST is now compatible with more devices! Including Akai MPK mini MK2, Teenage OP-Z, Arturia Microfreak, Sensel Morph. If your USB controller is not in this list but is now working (or still does not work), please contact us.

This update also add new features like the pattern randomizer triggering by a CV input, and fix reported issues.

The Squarp team


Thanks for all your hard work, it’s appreciated. This release fixes a bunch of issues I was having! :smiley:

Yeeees yeeees yeeees for Microfreak support!

Will the online manual be updated? I think some of the features of the last update like the start record only when input comes in wasn‘t shown in the manual.

That’s great but the new firmware still isn’t saving my calibration even though it says it fixed that bug. Please help me with this.

Yes, the online manual is updated! I think the precedent version was also described in time (REC WAIT – waiting for punch in – is shown in the STEP MODE page)

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Being able to trigger the randomizer via an external trigger is very useful. Thank you!

So good! Lots of great fixes and some new interesting features. Nice!

thanks @squarpadmin , another great update :slight_smile:

Yes!!! thanks!

Thanks! Great update,

Is it possible in a future release to also enable compatibility with the M-Audio Code 61 midi controller?

Good to know that the Code 61 is still not compatible, we never tested it.
Is there somebody here with an other M-Audio controller, working or not working with Hermod?

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After updating, i can’t seem to save the “_” template anymore… Its simply not possible save a project with that name. Have also had freezes when loading a new project…

And the DUPLICATE TO feature is not that useful, as i does not copy the effects of the sequence…

Has something gone wrong in my update, or anyone else experiencing the same??

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Hi @mvp

Indeed, the “_” save is broken, we will fix that today and release this update!

About the DUPLICATE TO, I tested it in different situations and it does copy all the effects and there parameters. If you have a procedure to reproduce the bug, can you please send it via https://squarp.net/contact ?

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Hermod isn’t playing nicely with 1010 Blackbox when connected via USB Device port.

Hi @KidYoshi,
Can you please send us an email via https://squarp.net/contact to report your issue, and to describe what isn’t working?


I can confirm that Hermod works fine with the M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 (rev 01B).

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Hermod also doesn’t respond to the Digitone (and probably other Elektron hardware) via the USB Host port.


Just got hermod in the mail the other day and am looking forward to diving in with the new update–thanks @squarpadmin :+1: