hermodOS 1.40 firmware update

is the “_” implemented if you download and reinstall the update?

I was able to use Hermod as a usb device with Ableton Live 9 in Windows 10, but not on Windows 8.1 (it wouldn’t even recognize the device). Had to downgrade, since I work mainly on the latter one.


The firmware will be soon updated (next week) with the reported bug fixed (some HOST devices does not work with Hermod USB device, and the issue with a project “_” save).

In the meantime, you can send us an email at contact(at)squarp(dot)net to get the beta firmware with the fixes, if you want to try it!


Hi guys, the fix is now online!


I can confirm Hermod now works with 1010 Blackbox. No luck with Elektron Digitone though.

@squarpadmin what are the encoder precision fixes?

Thanks for the feedback, we are still trying to make the Elektron devices work.
The fix should improve the encoder left/right rotations.


I take it back, it’s part working :slight_smile:

The Device port is a bit janky between the two devices. For example, sending clock from Blackbox to Hermod doesn’t work, nor does sending any Midi data (notes etc.) The reverse way also doesn’t work so well, Blackbox seems to drop notes constantly but it does send Midi clock and transport.

unfortunately i have a bug with Hermod OS 1.41.every time i turn on and let boot my hermod the encoder press is not working. After turning the encoder to left or right pressing the encoder is working again. i have checked this behaviour with 1.40 and with 1.40 its just fine. so anybody have this strange behaviour?

regards John

Wanted to check and see if anybody has been successful with using the Hermod with the Beatstp Pro. I have seen different post but no confirmation if they are working correctly with the new firmware updates.

Interesting - I noticed that my encoder seemed like it wasn’t responding but couldn’t figure out why. I just did a power cycle and yup - until the encoder is turned, the click does nothing.

I would report that bug to @squarpadmin

I still have reported the bug to https://squarp.net/contact