Hermod receiving input from another cv sequencer

Hello, I have been trying to send pitch and gate from metropolix to hermod input A &B and reroute the input to the USB midi out . I would like some guidance please to achieve this Result, if possible . Thank in advance

what have you tried?

I answered something very similar only a few posts ago…

Hermod Manual | Squarp instruments - cv setting
https://squarp.net/hermod/manual/effect_mode - output

go to settings, set track for cv/gate input
add an output fx to track, select usb midi (host or device as required)
take special note of the quantize setting,
usually you will want to use on(gate) unless there are issues with timing of the gate from metropolix

there is no way to do this without using a track.
but this has the advantage you can do things like recording, and also adding other fx.

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Thank you kindly, sorry if I did not catch the other post. Will try this today and report back

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Thank you very much for the instruction. Work like a charm. Here is the metropolix sequencing animoog on the iPad through the hermod. Much :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


Can you get it to consistently play the sequence correctly? I find that it will change quite often even though it’s supposed to be the same sequence.

You need to use inputs C D, i contacted squarp on this issue and they told me that input A B are less precise in tracking, and they are looking for ways to eventually fix this

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Oh interesting, I’ll give that a try. Thanks!

wow, thats interesting… never heard that before.

I usually use A/B , just because they are the top ones…
that said, I usually allow it to quantise, as I dont really trust cv voltage to ever be precise :wink:

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I do not see any fluctuation in my sequence. Played all day yesterday without any issue. :slightly_frowning_face: sorry about your trouble

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I’ll make a recording. I do use Quantize(Gate) but yeah, I find the sequence can be inconsistent. It’s been like that with all my Hermods… I’m currently on my 3rd :grimacing: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

the only problem in using inputs C D is that you can’t use randomizer, as it only works on input D. Here’s squarp reply

Thanks for your feedback.
Indeed, you found that CV C/D are more accurate and you’re right: they works better. We tried to fix it many times with no success, unfortunately.
I will add a ticket with your idea (be able to control randomization with input A or B)/
Have a nice day!

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Interesting, yes moving the randomization to one of the other inputs would be great.

Randomization could be improved overall imho:

Randomization settings are global and not per track. This means what works for one track most likely won’t work for another, made most obvious when tracks have different lengths.

I also think moving the randomization settings into each track’s individual randomize parameters menu by providing options like ‘Randomize via CV: OFF/A/B/C/D’ could allow the ability to randomize any track from any CV in — or not.

I suggested this to Squarp about a year ago… but alas no :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

So I had a play and you’re right, a sequence into C/D going out to Midi is consistent all the time. A similar set up to A/B does cause some inconsistencies but it’s a lot better than I remember it to be - so I think Squarp must have made some updates and optimisations here. Nice.

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per track random parameter was introduced in 1.60. the inconsistencies on inputs A B are not totally bad, if you try with a constant pitch and gate you will see it would shift a semitone up and down every x bars randomly. There might even be cases where it could be musically useful

Yes, but you can only randomize 1 track at any given time via a Gate into D. Moving that option into the randomize parameters menu would give a lot more flexibility. For example:

TR1: Randomize - A
TR2: Randomize - A
TR3: Randomize - A
TR4: Randomize - C
TR5: Randomize - C
TR6: Randomize - Off
TR7: Randomize - Off
TR8: Randomize - Off

Sending a gate into A would randomize tracks 1, 2 and 3. Sending a gate into C would randomize tracks 4 & 5. Etc.

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