Cv in to CC out through USB HOST

i’m wondering if it’s possible to send an envelope to CV in (let’s say ‘A’) and then send that to a specific CC out the USB HOST - is this possible?

(as an example, i’m wondering if i can use an envelope from xaoc zadar to send CV to one (or all…) of the 4 cc ins on an op-1, by connecting the usb host to the op-1…)

apologies if this is obvious, and i’ve just missed it… i know you can send an internal LFO from a mod track out the usb host, but i wonder if it will ‘pass’ it from an external source.
i’m new to hermod, but have spent some time trying to figure it out - no luck so far…

thank you!

set CV A to MOD (cv settings on say track 8) , then use OUTPUT FX on same track to select CC that it be sent to.

you need to use a track, there is no way of doing this without a track
of course, you can use this to your advantage, because you can do things like record that modulation :slight_smile:


ahh, i knew it was in there, somewhere =)
thank you for the help, technobear!

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