Hermod larger screen?

I can’t handle this tiny screen. It give me a headache. I am returning my Hermod. I have no idea what they were thinking making this screen so small.

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thanks for letting us know

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Great product otherwise.

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eh, it’s modular mate. not much room and they packed a ton of functionality in.

Hi, I always see a lot of wishlit about software, not so many about hardware
Don’t get me wrong I love squarp products, biut they could be way better with better hardware
my main issue is with hermod screen, I’m 43 and my eyes aren’t perfect but Hermod has the worst screen among all my gear. I can get cost and place issue, but if you need a screen it should be readable . I need a lense to use some stuff !
make me a hermod with an elektron screen please !


I second this.

Anyway to connect to a larger display?

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please use existing topics.

if you have suggestions for new product versions, these are better sent to

b-try, it need a new product version.

as for the screen ,
Im 52, and I find the hermod display fine… I guess it depends on how close you are to it, and lighting etc.

bigger screen = increased price, ,more hp…
then you want more encoders to make better use of it, before you know it , its a new product at a different price point.

I’m not 52 and while I can live with the screen, I find it annoyingly small.

BTW: Are you are a customer or associated with squarp?

a customer… not associated with squarp.

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For the limited information the screen needs to convey, I think it’s fine. Sure it could be bigger but I don’t think the screen is the centerpiece of the module - which I understand is an odd think to say for a module that can serve as a sequencer.

I wonder if there are any screen magnifying covers that could be placed above it?

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something like this maybe


that was exactly what I thought about the last days. I had the hermod some years ago. then sold it because of the screen. now bought it again for a different workflow but would enjoy it more if I could read the display. maybe a magnifiing glas mounted above the screen with the perfect distance?

Here is a 3,5" Display for about 65 EUR:

Or more cheaper:

Buy it and let us know how it works! :smiley:

There’s something wrong with the screen size if users have to use a magnifier to read it. Just saying :slight_smile:

Just because some people want the screen to be larger doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with it.

Would I prefer a larger screen? Sure, absolutely. Do I need a larger screen? Nope, I have no problems using Hermod with the screen as it is.

some/a few users are saying this… not all, not even the majority.

most hermod uses are not saying this, even on this thread, most seem happy enough with the compromise that is required.

also, before buying, users can see the screen size in quite a few youtube videos, to see if its large/clear enough for them

anyway… I don’t quite see where this is going usefully.
its not like its going to be upgraded - and we have no idea if Squarp is even considering a follow up to the Hermod, so that’d be pure speculation.

I guess, you could request a ‘screen’ mode where the larger fonts were used, with information,
but that seems unlikely - as it’d likely require a major redesign of the UI.

I actually did that !! ( After someone gave me the idea on YT)
It’s pretty good 28€ on amazon with integrated lamp and battery
It also me see all very small mutable logos and the blade runner style is so good !!


Ok will send sometjong there, and yeah I was speaking about and hermod Mk2 , a true mk2 , and I don’t thinl product have to be bigger, or more expensive look at the bitbox micro for ex

bitbox do this by using a touchscreens, this saves cost and ‘real estate’
I personally would prefer not to have touchscreens in my rack.
also they have much less IO,
no proper MIDI DIN, nor full USB (device and host) - I’d miss these sorely.

with products esp. in eurorack its often compromises like this, so different customers will want different things.

I’m not saying a larger screen is not desirable, of course it is… but I think its a reasonable compromise.

one thing I notice…
I also have my Hermod , close to me, i.e. its in the bottom row - now its in a skiff.
( so in your case, Id have it at the front of the lower rack, which is much closer to you)

the reason I do this, I use the hermod ‘hands-on’, so not only do i want the screen close, but also the buttons/encoder - but again, thats the fun of eurorack, we all go about these things in different ways, as we have different goals.

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For me, it’s not so much the small size of the screen. I have a Tete and that is about the same size but way more readable. Maybe they could find a way to bump up the brightness or contrast; that could be a big help for readability.