Hermod Compatible USB MIDI Controllers

Hermod is not compatible with the SPD SX from ROLAND with the USB HOST. Too bad
Could you work on it please

I’ve tried with the MININOVA from NOVATION. Don’t work too :’(

Best regards and congrats for your job. (vous déchirez les gars)

as far as i can see, neither the SPD SX nor the MININOVA are USB class compliant midi devices,
they need drivers for them … so won’t work with devices modern USB midi hosts.

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Having trouble wth the regular Arturia Beatstep - like others have said with other keyboards it powers on but the hermod does not receive note data via usb host


So I managed to make it work with the Mininova with USB HOST but nothing for the SPD-SX :cry:

Hello Alex,
Did you have any luck with using the Beatstep pro as a USB midi Host?

Hey! Somehow I decided to check what happens in this thread yesterday. KeyStep Pro, Keystep, and BeatStep Pro work great. The only thing that has been confused me - how to handle the drum track and send MIDI instead of using patch cables. The answer is: set some midi channel for Arturia’s drum track (default: 10); switch necessary Hermod Tracks to this midi channel, finally - in Effect menu of your Hermod tracks you have to limit “max note” and “min note” - for kick 36, then snare 37 and so one.

Thank you Alex for this information. One last question was this using the latest firmware update 1.50?