Help: The "default length" overrides the track length set by the looper


I cannot get live looping to work right on the Pyramid, and I need your help. I’m using multimode bank A to sequence multiple synths on different midi channels. I experienced this problem on firmware version 2.x (2.6 I think?). Then, I updated to the latest firmware (4.02), but I still continue to experience the same problem.

There are really two issues:

  1. In track mode, when I click on display, no matter what I do, there is always a track recorded on track 1. I cannot delete this track with 2nd-delete (but I can delete all other tracks.) The track appears to be blank because I can still record a loop on track 1 of arbitrary length. If I create a new project, track 1 is still there. It will not go away!
  2. When I start recording a different track (let’s say track 4), it immediately begins to loop after 1 bar. It doesn’t matter how many bars track 1 is, track 4 will always loop after a single bar.

I’m assuming there is some weird setting I need to change? Please help.

I would reset all settings, unplug all synths from pyramid, make 4-5 blank tracks in step mode, 1 measure long all , few random notes for simplicity.

In no multimode I’d plug back the synths, setting is no midi in, and run the sequences to see if they’re receiving.

As the last step I’d put back my original settings to see which one in multimode is triggering my tracks if any.

Something like that……

After playing with the settings and different configurations of MIDI, I think have a better diagnosis of the problem. I still have no idea how to fix my problem. (I’m changing the title of this thread to better reflect that diagnosis.)

Better Description of the Problem: Suppose in Settings → Misc, the “default length” is set to X bars. In live mode, I press record to arm the tracks and then play to begin recording. As I’m recording, the lower left section of the screen indicates that the looper is in fact recording a loop of arbitrary length, but it begins to play back immediately after X bars.

I thought one potential hack solution was just to set the “default length” to its max 64 bars. Then, the loop I record would always be shorter than the default length. I tested this by recording a 5-bar loop. It records the loop as 5 bars, but plays it back as a 64-bar loop (with 59 bars of silence.)

Is there a way to turn off the default track length feature. Isn’t the whole point of the live looper that you don’t have to set the track length in advance?? (This is the entire reason I purchased a Squarp Pyramid.)

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