Help Setting Up Side Chain Envelope

Hello everyone. I have a drum kit on track 16 and drone bass on track 1. I want to use the SCE to duck the bass on the kick, but I’ve spent hours trying to figure out the routing to make that work. I feel like I’m either missing something or perhaps this isn’t possible with my setup.

Bass is on Circuit MonoStation and drums are a Syntakt.

I know the envelope is being sent (using MIDI for all) because the CMS is responding to the parameter changes of the envelope, but I can’t figure out how to get the envelope to send on every kick.

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You need to add an envelope effect to the drum track containing the notes for the kick. Then you can set which note will trigger the envelope (so set this as the kick).

Problem is: at least currently, you can only apply the envelope to the same track midi output port+channel, or any of the cv outputs. For a pure midi setup, you would need an option to send the envelope to another track or to another midi channel. This is not possible (yet?). You can however use the cv outputs if you have a synth that has cv inputs that you can apply to volume for example. I think the mono station only has cv outputs though…


I think @UpTop , you have figured out the issue by yourself :wink: (for midi)

env has to be on trigger track, and therefore that is going to generate midi (CC) on the trigger track’s output midi channel.

there are a few workaround you could try…
but frankly, the best solution, for now, is to to use a midi processor (something like blokas midihub, though many others around) , this’ll allow you to generate the env on the syntakt track, but redirect and merge it onto the monostaton midi channel.

honestly, with so many quirks in midi, I find a midi processor a pretty important tool to have in the toolbox when working with more than a few bits of midi gear.

the hacky way to do it on the Hapax (alone), would be to use a CV out, connected to a CV In, ( so a loopback) which then goes to a track, to map to CC… rather messy.
I think this could be done on the monostation track, in the mod matrix, mapping cv in to cc.
(but Id have to test this out … not at my hapax right now.)
drawback is mainly a bit of latency, and so potentially timing… but also use up a cv in and cv out.

but I guess it goes to show ( with a bit of creativity) you can overcome most things :wink:

as for using, getting the Hapax to trigger an env from another tracks input, you’ll have to raise a feature request via the contact form, and Squarp can then see if this is viable to do in the future.

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Thank you so much @thetechnobear! I’ll fiddle around and see what else I can do. Great ideas I really appreciate it! I keep getting distracted with making music instead of the detail bits, but I’m going to try CV out of the Hapax to the CMS. A MIDI processor would be great…

@Maarten Thank you for the reply. TIL the CMS only has CV Out…Super bummed! I’ll see about sending a feature request I guess.