Hey y’all!

We’re almost ready to release the next hapaxOS version: v1.14 !
It’s (almost) a bugfix-only version, and the final release should be available very soon.

However we’d like to get some volunteers to beta test it.
This beta firmware has already been tested in house, and not much is expected to change between this version and the stable production release.

How to join

This is an open beta. Just hop on to the beta website to get it!
The updated manual is available as well. (PDF version is unavailable for the moment).

How to send feedback

For all feedback, please send an email to beta@squarp.net
Please note we will not consider any feature request at this stage. Bug reports, small suggestions and general feedback is welcome. For all bugs, please provide a clear step by step procedure to reproduce it, so that we can fix it more easily.



Yeaaaah! Will give this a whirl tonight. Very happy with a lot of these fixes and improvements, especially this:

Minor additions

  • SETTING MISC: new ‘APPLY SUSTAIN’ setting. Consumes incoming SUSTAIN (CC64) MIDI messages, and delays inbound NOTE-OFF messages accordingly. This resolves an issue with regard to SUSTAIN recording, and using SUSTAIN in conjunction with the effects chain.

Although can this be turned off or maybe tied into the pattern sync settings?

Notable behaviour changes

  • Muting and unmuting projects is now synchronized to one bar


Misc improvements

  • Faster boot

Faster boot?

(Edit: Just loaded this up and yes… faster boot)


Awesome! Thanks for the hard work!!

Gotta love the first random project name my Hapax came up with…

For Foxake…


Yes please.

haha I submitted a bug the day before yesterday and today I download a fix. How’s that for support :slight_smile:

Maybe it was already on their list but the email replies from Jean sounded like it was fresh bug.

It was the bug about sections not being cleared when a new project was made.


Thanks for your work, Squarp!

Fairly new user and getting on track with what has been worked on~ is Poly Aftertouch re-implemented as of 1.14?



Awesome! I already use the Hapax regularly, so I’ll be test driving this ASAP.

I know the increased boot speed is probably just because of the code optimizations from what the team learned when working on the Hermod+, but seeing a patch note about even faster boot times is hilarious to me. It’s already pretty much instant from what I can perceive.

Yesterday, I was using a patched version of the previous firmware with a test mode boot fix. I encountered a bug I hadn’t seen before, but might be something older but rare. The Hapax booted into encoder calibration mode? I’m positive that I wasn’t holding down any encoders on boot. I don’t see anything about this in the 1.14A patch-notes, so I’m wondering if this is still a bug or if it was fixed.

The extra little features/updates that were thrown in like the Lydian mode and random name generator were unexpected and appreciated!

I get that error fairly often too

me too but only in the last week or so

Unfortunately poly AT is still blocked

Just a note for folks that you should definitely back up before testing. I found an issue where any project I worked on and saved while on the beta would not open if I downgraded to the latest stable release. Not a huge issue, but something to be aware of on any beta.

Edit: I did back up so haven’t lost anything.


I was hoping it would be reimplemented. It will be a game changer for me… hopefully we don’t have to wait much longer.

I’ve asked about it a couple of times and had no response. I just need to be able to record poly AT and play it back, I don’t care if I can’t edit it. @Thibault_Squarp please unblock this

PolyAT won’t be available in 1.14, but is planned for an upcoming “feature” release


Awesome! Quick question for clarification, will this allow for programming of polyAT messages similarly to the regular AT, or will it only allow you to record polyAT from external devices like the current MPE capabilities?

Just wanted to state you guys created an innovative product, that’s genius and scales, congrats :heart:


I am very excited for this. With the number of Hydrasynth users out there, this will be a welcome addition!

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