Yes! My hydrasynth is sitting nearby waiting for full hapax support.

you should be able to take advantage of hapax with your hydrasynth now, yeah?

No, they specifically said that getting PolyAT support working will come in the next big firmware update, not 1.14.

People can still make use of Hydrasynth with Hapax already by switching Hydrasynth to MPE mode instead, but some peoples setups will have reasons not to do this (if they want to avoid MPE for any number of reasons or are using Hydrasynth to control non-MPE synths that do respond to PolyAT)

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so no poly at but can you make use of the cc automation?

Well to clarify what I was on about, the poly aftertouch keyboard of the Hydrasynth can be used via MPE instead. Same results and works with Hapax, but using different MIDI messages to achieve the same results. Hydrasynth is rare in offering this option, it wont help people with other polyAT keyboards and synths.

I havent specifically tried CC automation with the Hydrasynth but that side of things should always have been working I believe. But since CCs are not a per-note/per voice thing (apart from CC74 in MPE mode), they dont offer a workaround to what people can get from MPE and PolyAT support.

yeah naturally. i would love to mess around with a hydrasynth and some tempo synced LFO action, im certain it would be a lovely experience. i hope one day i will.

I don’t think that the PolyAT messages are even acknowledged by the Hapax with the latest OS. For example, I am using the Hydra as a controller with local off. I have it send on Midi 1 and receive on Midi 6. If I am playing a Hydrasynth lick through the Hapax for Midi Ch 6, the PolyAT messages being sent by the Hydra are not received by it. Ah well… I will continue to wait for the feature focused firmware release.

If you set the TX of the aftertouch on the hydrasynth menu page 5 to mono (top left) It should work. MPE kinda works but it blocks the abilty to use the live mode or a normal midi keyboard.

Yes thats entirely consistent with what I’ve already said - PolyAT support will come in later Hapax firmware, and MPE is a workaround (since MPE doesnt use PolyAT messages, they arent part of the MPE spec, MPE uses the channel pressure form of aftertouch on different MIDI channels per note)