HAPAX: First feedback

Sincerely: it’s heaven.

I don’t even know from where to start, so random feedbacks:

  • build quality is amazing, be it the casing, the buttons (which are waaaaay better, and very responsive compared to Pyramid), expect maybe the screen are a bit like ink printers that let some line stains, but overall they’re good, clear and readable on mostly any angle;
  • the colour pads are GREAT;
  • I didn’t have to read the manual even once to get started with a full song, it’s extremely intuitive;
  • the live mode will remind you a lot of the Novation LaunchPad series, which is a good thing IMO;
  • the logical concept of the 8 params/knobs for the left screen and one knob for right screen works like a charm;
  • the drum mode for step mode is AMAZING, just AMAZING;
  • you can select notes like you would in a DAW with you mouse using the pads :exploding_head:;
  • chords section + screen = <3 it’s really great, you can even learn chords using that;
  • I’m having really very few issues, mostly because I didn’t read the manual: sometimes I don’t know if it’s a bug or if it’s a feature because it may be useless in some cases but doesn’t feel right;
  • pattern section is reaaaaally cool, esp. having the pads à la Novation LaunchPad, feels like handling Ableton Live but dawless;
  • the pads are GREAT (I think I already said that).

For now I’m enjoying my Hapax too much to find any flaws and there’s just so many things to try out before even reaching out for the manual, that I think it will take few days before I stumble on some bug or “I wish it had…”



Awesome. Enjoy! And feed us more info as you can! :grin:


All sounds great.
Can you say something about editing a polyphonic track?

(The horizontal stripes on the displays do not look right to me. All OLED displays I have ever seen has been super clear, but this looks a bit off. I would ask Squarp about it.)

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Great inputs, can you post some videos?


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OLED does look odd.

I can check when my Hapax arrives.

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Cannot find any infos about the pads pressure sensitivity.
Are they responding to Velocity etc. or is it the same as with the pyramid pad?

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great isn’t it @avetisk :slight_smile:

@konrad , no the pads are not pressure/velocity sensitive

in drum mode (live) each drum lane , uses a 4x4 grid so you can play velocities that way.

in poly mode , you set the velocity in a similar way to the pyramid… that said theres quite a few more editing features, and algos… so its a bit quicker on the hapax.

of course, if you use an external controller then velocity and aftertouch is recorded.


thanks for the info! Sets the Hapax into Friendzone again for me at this price… That aside it looks like a really great machine :relaxed:


yeah, it be nice … but…

does anyone have pressure/velocity in pads this size?
the Deluge and monome grid certainly do not.
and things like the Novation (even mini) grids are quite a bit bigger.

Im quite glad they used this size pads to keep the unit the size it is.
Ive a Push 2, and the only thing I dislike about it is takes up SO much desk space,
mainly for the pads, which I don’t particularly like the feel of !
(too hard for me, Im not a finger drummer!)

so I’m happy with the trade-off…
the pads are nice to play on the Hapax… and when I want more expressivity I plug in a controller :slight_smile:
Ive been having a lot of fun with the Erae Touch and Hapax, since it can morph between MPE controller and regular controller!

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But can u named the patterns…lol (inside joke to @avetisk)


No, but you can name a collection of patterns - aka sections :wink:


Thanks, but it was a joke from his response to my feature request in the the pyramid ''wish list" post 2 days ago.


I know … I saw it :wink:
(personally, I find it laborious enough naming tracks… let alone patterns)

actually that reminds me… I meant to ask @Thibault_Squarp (*) if we could have the ‘random name’ generated , like on the Polyend Tracker… id absolutely love that for tracks/sections, its such a neat idea… makes it feel a bit more ‘human’ than all these track1-N/sectionA-N … and even random names become ‘memorable’

(*) hmm, or perhaps I already did… and have forgotten about it !


Well I wont mind the extra work in naming patterns if it’ll make things more organized so I could put the same lead line on track 1 pat 1-16 but each pat has a different pc# that could be named after that sound or something specific…p1=strings p2=piano p3=ccAuto01 p13=ccAuto10…

I like the Polyend random name feature as well but I rather have a custom name bank for names we use often then have those names saved to a pad 1-16 bank A-D for easy pasting.


ah, I see… if you’re using PC then yeah, I can see the patterns are very ‘different’. I tend to use patterns for variations… so don’t really need them named.

yeah, Id hope the ‘random name’ thing could be in their current ‘keyboard’ , so could be used on anything they allow you to name. (track/sections even projects :))

the other thing that would be nice is cut n’ pasting of ‘text’ , I use this a lot on the Octatrack.

but hey, this is new firmware/new product… so I think that feature request list is going to grow pretty fast, so no doubt, there will be a lot of prioritisation for a few releases…
but hey, in it for the long term… whats evident is the Hapax is not only great now, but has a lot of room to grow !


does it allow step input by external midi?
hold note(s) > press step button to insert them

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Yes, that’s called “NOTE LEARN” - https://squarp.net/hapax/manual/modestep#XX1KDMl2U


Heya Forum,

can the Hapax do slides for 303 style programming ?

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you could use automation - no?

automation is now easy to edit, since you can use the pads, and can see the curve etc on right screen.
it also supports interpolation , so you don’t have to put in individual points.
there’s also features like cut n’ paste, and scrolling automation around.

oh, and another neat feature. the notes are shown on the pads when showing the automation line, so you can see where to line up the automation points.

so I think this would cover the requirement… but in a more ‘generic’ way ?!

(but perhaps im missing something… as Im not 100% sure of 303 features)


so you´d just set a long note, and would “automate” the pitch during the duration of the note? ( i have one coming anyway, lol :wink: )

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