Hapax and mc707/TR8S

Hey guys are you using the hapax with Roland grooveboxes??I have the mc 707 and would love to combine this two boxes. Any thoughts? Experience tips is appreciated.

Yes I have Hapax combined with MC-707 and TR-8S and a couple of synths. Still figuring out the best routing (both audio and midi), but it all works great!

Using the MC-707 l as a mixer with fx for the external synths and for sample playback and a few synth lines.

I sequence everything of the MC-707 with Hapax. I keep the MC-707 sequencer off, so I can load projects while still running the other synths and the TR-8S. The MC-707 does not glitch the external inputs, so as long as you have the same volume for both projects, you can make seamless transitions :slight_smile:

Since I send midi for multiple tracks to the MC-707, it is important to connect it through usb, so it can handle a lot of notes/data simultaneously.

The TR-8S does glitch/goes out of sync when you send it a program change. So I do that manually on the box, then it keeps sync.

Not sure if I should make the TR8S master clock or the Hapax… Also not sure wether I will sequence the TR-8S with its own sequencer or from hapax. Both have pro’s and cons, but I think it will be the TR-8S’ own sequencer, so I always have direct access to the mute knobs and can use step loop etc.


Thanks for the feedback Maarten. Now I just need to wait till the hapax comes end of June.