Hapax and mc707/TR8S

Wenn you load a clip you load the patch so you can actually select with program change every patch.

I get this however how do you load a clip? You have menu dive right? You have go into clip menu find the clip via its name or via the project then load single or the row.

When you’re playing a live set of 2 hours with multiple instruments and things happening. It’s not intuitive to work this way. Yes pc works but only once you have loaded said clip into the project…the mc707 doesn’t use pc in the traditional sense like the access virus or even jv series where pc pulls up a bank and program.

That’s what I’ve found unless you do it differently or have a workaround.

My thinking is maybe to know which 16 songs I want to play load each song as a row into a project and then use hapax to play each clip. Each project on the hapax will be its own song then move to the next using project b.

Big problem- my hapax stops loading new projects at some point and I have to reboot. So until this is fixed hapax is not live worthy.

I am genuinely interested in any workarounds btw! Not trying to be difficult just taking onboard your ideas and seeing how it would work for me.

Right now I hAve 2 mc707 and I really don’t need 2 but because of how I use them it makes transitions really smooth when playing live. I would like to only use one

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