Hapax 5 pin midi outs (are limited to 1 midi channel?)

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Can anybody help clarify something,

Im looking to buy the hapax … but i was told [which seems odd] that you can only use 1 midi channel at once per . Midi - 5pin din out???

It seems a bit odd…what would you do if you had a - multi timbral , multi midi channel module you wanted to connect ?

one MIDI channel per track, per MIDI out, e.g., Track 1 can be set to MIDI Channel 1 on MIDI A Out

i sequence Digitone, for example, which has four separate tracks. so each Digitone track gets a separate Hapax Track with corresponding MIDI Channel, e.g., Digitone Track 1 = Hapax Track 1 on MIDI A Ch. 1, and so forth for Tracks 2 to 4

[in theory i suppose i could set all my Digitone tracks to MIDI Ch 1 and sequence them all on Hapax Track 1, and program notes to not overlap across the full key range but then you’re committing yourself to other things like applying MIDI FX to the whole Track that you might not want all sounds in a multitimbral device to be affected by]

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Hi thanks

So you can still … use more than 1 midi channel on each midi output / physical port as long as it on a per track basis …

So can you say

hapax track 1 = Midi A chan 1
Hapax Track 2 = Midi A chan 2
Hapax track 3 = Midi A chan 3
Hapax track 4 = MIdi A chan 4

So its still all using 1 midi out port without a merge box in-between… using 1 midi 5pin din cable

i send my Hapax MIDI-A (5-pin) out to a MIDI Thru box just because i’m sequencing six devices total but if they have MIDI Thru i guess you could daisy chain them without using the box

(a longer thread on max MIDI out connections here:

How many concurrent instruments can HAPAX separately control at once?)

Ok, i think it will be cool

The only midi devices i want to use as now

1 an mpc using 1 midi 5 pin din cable out of hapax to mpc midi in [one port]

On.the mpc i can set differnt tracks, instruments or sample banks to different midi channels… i like to leave the usb free as i can use that for separate audio channels.

As long as hapax can acess the different midi channels across 1 port on the hapax. Thats fine.

1 unique midi channel per hapax track …on the same port …thats fine. If thats what it is?

I was led to believe that you can only use 1 midi channel per port on the hapax… which seems odd… since midi is 16 channels…

I might want to connect another synth as well but just using 1 midi channel, but i can connect that to a 2nd midi port i guess

That’s correct for tracks in “poly” mode. 16 channels per Hapax hardware port. One channel per track. So if your synth is 16 times multitimbral, then that’s one device on port A for example. But using a thru box or router you could then connect 16 mono timbral devices on port B (or 8 bi-timbral or any other combination).
For drum machines there’s also the drum mode where one track can send a single note to up to 8 channels on one port.

But the TL;DR is, across the DIN/TRS/USB ports you can connect a LOT of midi devices to Hapax at the same time with no problem at all.

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That makes sence … would be pretty limiting if it was only 1 channel per port , you need a lot of ports

i sequence MPC from Hapax in this manner and highly suggest using the USB connection for it. just makes track routing that much more easier than 5-pin

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Yea it does …

Onlh thing is i use the usb port for an external card .

Uless both mpc one usb ports can be used for midi in / out? Im.not sure i have only used 1 at a time

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