[FRQ] track select latch option


I often just want to quickly select tracks because I’m playing my synths live from a controller on the “autochannel” set in the pyramid options, so that I always send on the same channel but play/record on the selected track. The button combination is very awkward to use in this context, especially if you need to reach out to the Pyramid while playing live. I would really appreciate if we could latch the “track select mode” so that selecting a track would be a one-button operation instead of the current hold track button-select track number, reverting immediately afterwards to the track-mute mode default state. For me this is a big usability problem… button combinations are a pita for musicians that actually play live instruments as opposed to “desktop musicians/producers” (with all due respect of course), because taking a hand off an instrument while playing to perform button combo’s is not an easy thing to manage.


yeah, as a keyboard player, I truly feel your pain. I wish that Pyramidi could be expanded for cc control for many of the awkward key combos. Midi cc for patterns would be great. You should get in touch with Squarp for feature requests. They do listen and they rarely seem to check the forum.

One such request I made in the past was a fix for the Pyramidi Record cc. It only triggered the •REC if the Pyramid was already in record mode. It seemed to me that if you have a pedal and you want it to start recording, that it should start recording regardless of what mode you’re in. They agreed and added it to the next update.

At this point, they don’t seem to interested in adding functionality. I do think there’s room for the existing feature set to be streamlined a bit though.