Footswitch issue

i bought a cheap Leadfoot FS-2 Dual foot switch from Thoman to start and stop recording on the Hapax.
In order to get this to work in need to push the buttons twice. Twice to start recording , twice to stop recording… twice to start playback… etc.

Is there technical reason why i have to press it twice? Can this be changed somehow?
With my FCB 1010 i was able to configure it so i hav e to press only once… but the FCB1010 is way to huge for the purpose.

Is there a switch on the pedal? I’ve got a cheapo one and there is a little switch on the bottom, which changes the switch from Push-to-Break to Push-to-Make (also marked as PS-15 and PS-10)

When it’s in Push-to-Break/PS-15 mode, the Hapax works perfectly, and in the other mode, it is a bit flakier, sometimes works if you tap really quickly, but usually a double tap is required.

no switch there… wich pedal di you buy?

Or can this maybe somehow modified? What’s the difference electrically ?

Ah, I’ve just looked at the one you’ve got, it’s not really the same, the one I’m using is a Sustain Pedal, rather than a switch, but looking online, I think the mode I have it in is ‘switch’ mode.

It could be that the Hapax pedal input is having trouble with the TRS connector going into it? It’s only designed for one switch, whereas the one you have seem to be two switches with only one cable.

id think the Hapax expects a TRS … how else could you separate between Hot and Cold signals?

TR is all that is needed, hot and cold.

TRS is three inputs

if i split the signal and only take a TS cable it only triggers the HOT function. Nothing changes of the behavior that i have to push twice.

It’s something with the switch.

Yeah, possibly. Maybe see if you can return it back to Thomann.

I am 99% certain that this one will work perfectly for you: M-Audio SP-1 – Thomann UK

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ther are several switches available… that can be changed in function … for example the boss FS-6, wich is was a bit expensive for the purpose

Yeah, I just said that one because it’s almost exactly like the one I’m using.

i ordered now a FS-6 … this can be configured to everything i possibly need

Love my FS-6 , steady workhorse Ive had for years.

just one thing, remember to unplug the cable when not in use…
basically the cable turns it on/off… so if you leave it connect it’ll drain your battery.
(there is no on/off switch… sometimes I consider soldering one onto it !)

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i don’t need a battery to it use or?

it requires a (standard) 9v battery.

it lasts ‘forever’, IF, you remember to unplug the cable :wink:

oh wtf… so i better order 25 batteries

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I have the FS-6. I converted it to AC power by using one of these 9-volt adapter and a small hole drilled into the back of the FS-6

maybe i’m thinking wrong or you linked the wrong product… this seems to enable pedals that require a PSU to use a 9V Battery !?
as this image shows

this would help replacing the battery

ha i found a working PSU with 9V adapter in my PSU box

Yep. I was a bit quick with the google. THIS is more like what @verstaerker has posted and what I meant to post earlier. You don’t have to get this fancy.