Feature requests: pattern chaining, LFO destinations, midi effects

Great sequencer, needs these things to level up:

Pattern chaining. I know you can do something similar in sequence mode, but that’s a different workflow - free cycling loops of patterns would really open things up and be faster to play around with. Combined with tracks/sequences it would be a really powerful way to compose. You could also make small patterns and chain them in different ways to create variations. It would also improve the workflow for the simple task of joining two patterns which is long winded atm. Would be a game changer.

More destinations for the LFOs - effects parameters is an obvious one but also note length, velocity and note pitch would be super nice.

More midi effects. Like loads more… Become the Roland SP of midi sequencing. The midi effects rule.

CV pitch bend. Especially because acid bass lines on some analog gear would be a great use of the three cv outputs, pitch, gate, filter:) Not as high on the priority as the other 3 though. But yeah decouple the CV outputs while they at it too please

I think the Squarp team has stated that there will be no more new features, only bug fixes.
So it’s good to focus on existing features and how they could be improved.
For example I would really like to see at least 64 Sequences(32 is a really small number) considering always the available RAM.
I would really like to see a multiplier on the delay midi fx time that would give us the opportunity of dotted/arbitrary values.
However if any of your suggestions are possible at this stage of the OS they wll be really welcomed!!

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I would like to have a note selection setting for Chance and the ability to set the probability not only as a percentage, but also like that of Elektron (1: 4, 2: 4, 4: 8 …)

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+zillion times!!!
that would be amazing. its the most cool feature I’ve personally used in xox sequencers all the years that I am messing around with them!!

The workaround for polymetric retrig is quite simple - just extend your pattern and edit as you see fit. And turning chance on and off at a certain point in the pattern achieves per step chance, so that feature is already there, I’m not sure how per note could be implemented without affecting every instance of that note. So per step seems easier/better.

Whereas the workarounds for applying LFOs to other parameters and pattern chaining make them unviable.

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“And turning chance on and off at a certain point in the pattern achieves per step chance, so that feature is already there”
Where is this function?
Randomization and Chance do not give the desired result but only bring chaos.

Step sequence fx parameters. It’s one of the step sequence modes.

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Randomisation and chance are two of the most powerful features for me. More midi effects would be so sick. Arp that plays a scale is a slightly mysterious omission too since there are so many arps. Hardware is never going to offer the same minute editing capabilities as a DAW, so why not focus on sequence automation/sequencing sequences.

Even in the most powerful software, they made the probability of steps not to engage in endless copying and remain within the framework of a 16-step sequence.

Sorry, I’m not completely following you. You can do per step probability in pyramid, its just slightly long winded (although the fact that it is decoupled brings its own advantages). Consolidate is also very useful for working with chance, random and euclidean sequences (as a riff generator. Again, pattern chain would be really useful here to create variations using consolidated randomisation). Would be nice if you could sequence automation with the euclidean mode, too, and do euclidean LFOs (one of the best features of the extremely popular eurorack module Pamela’s New Workout). And I already mentioned euclidean mode needs a reset (consolidate is the workaround). BTW I really like Pyramid…

As much as I would love to see pattern chaining as a full feature, it seems unlikely as it could be a substantial effort to engineer. Unless it was added as effect, perhaps? It could just cycle through the patterns in a given range. Or possibly even easier to implement (and potentially more interesting), adding Pattern as a destination for Random or LFO. That would be awesome.


Ooh, that would result in the patterns being able to turn the effect on and off as well…which could be either wonderful or crash it.

“Pattern Playback Style” as a midi effect would rule. It could offer cycling through all patterns on a track, ping-pong, reverse, step skipping, etc. Sequencing sequences is where it’s at.


I communicate through Google translator, I do not understand everything :thinking:

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Use velocity to set chance per step. That’ll speed up your workflow… It’s one pad push and an encoder twist, just like Elektron.

This is via chance fx with the chance driver set to velocity.

If you can afford to sacrifice the velocity parameter, that is.


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How does one route velocity to affect the chance effect?

I had this really hacky euclidean LFO thing going on.

Make a master transpose track
Assign it to the track that has your Euclid pattern
Put a harmoniser in your fx chain to make a five note ‘chord’ at the intervals you want to define your lfo shape
Put an arp next in the chain with an agreeable arp setting like up or down
Put the note to cc fx on and set your destination cc
Play or programme the master transpose track to define the start position of your lfo
Voila, your LFO will trigger per your Euclid pattern steps.

Hacky and a bit crude but made me happy.



Encoder 2

You mean assign encoder 2 to control a parameter of the chance effect?

Turn Encoder 2 all the way and Chance will be based on Velocity of each Note Event.

Was i not reading the manual properly or perhaps that is not what you were asking?
I get confused sometimes. (Read: usually)

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