Feature request discussion: Chord mode combination slots


I’d like to propose a feature to Squarp, but would like to hear other user opinions before submitting that.

Initial thoughts:

Would like to see a possibility to save combinations of chord modifiers in live/chord mode using the available (8x6) pads on the right (unless Squarp have other plans for it).

e.g. pressing any number of modifier pads (including just a single one), then pressing any blank pad on the right could light that up (no palette assignment necessary imo - plain white would work just fine), and make the modifier combination accessible with a single pad tap…

pressing the saved combination pad could make the predefined combinations on the left blink, indicating which ones are stored, and allowing to change/edit the combination while holding the pad

copy/paste/delete buttons could allow the combination(s) (if several are selected?) to be migrated between tracks/projects (assuming we have a grid of 8x6 pads of combinations available per track)

layout of stored combinations (rows/cols/diag?) could be anything and up to the user’s preference

end goal: easy chord progression structure definition, storage and playability

NB! Squarp, this is not a feature request - not yet… please do not close the thread :wink:


a version of the Chord Smartpads from Pyramid would probably be pretty handy, especially with the expanded chord functions of Hapax

If I understand you correctly: this would allow to combine different chords of different scales and modifiers as “preset chords”, right? That’s actually a great idea! Currently it is not possible to play multiple chords of different scales live. Only the selected scale.

Being able to just hold a chord (+ optionally modifiers) and press a blank pad to save that exact chord as “preset” would allow you to prepare a chord combination and then play and record it live :slight_smile:

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Agree! It’s easy to press a combo that works and not be able to easily replicate it.

I believe no single Hapax track is limited to project scale. Sure, it is on for all the tracks by default, but you can turn it off per track.

As for not limiting the saved slots just to combinations, but also allowing to add a note (note colour could be applied to the slot in such case, leaving white to slots where combination of modifiers are saved without a note) - I think is a naturally good idea.