Eurorack and Pyramid

Hi everyone!..i want to share my experience with Pyramid and Eurorack…Pyramid give new life at my 12u eurorack,i recommended at all!..with the right midi cv interface you can do amazing think and plane a super performance…:rocket:

Which midi to CV Interface can you recommend?

i’m with yarns for now,is quite god but i need more cv and i move maybe to shuttle control endorphine…For small system yarns mutable or qmidi 2 Vermona,expert fh1 fader host(no midi input only usb,but all cv maps are configurable with on line tools like Endorphine and you can expand with just a cv expanders this is my second option)…i remember somewhere in the old forum that the squarp team have planed a interface cv for December i’m not sure…as well polyend interface is great but for me too big and the concept is like qumidi 2 but expanded…

Is there any reason why you don’t use the CV and gate outputs on the Pyramid?

No are in use but i need more,i use ENV out for now to send clock and cv and gate for one voice…

I can definitely recommend the vermona qmi 2, as i really like that you can convert velocity-information into CV-signals. Although this method doesn’t work quite as precise as i was hoping.
Maybe its my fault, as I’m relatively new to the modular world….

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using the FH-1 via usb. Works perfect. 4 cvs, 4 gates and expansion capabilities up to 64. Plus it powers your Pyramid. Match made in heaven really.

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I was originally using the CV/Gate/ENV outputs of the Pyramid only, and really loved it, but of course I needed more.
So I got an Intellijel µMIDI and love it.
But I needed more…
So now I am using the µMidi as my main Pyramid to Modular interface for clocks and division tricks and my principal melodies.

I added YARNS and use this (connected from the midi out of my case to the input of Yarns) for duo phonic, and alternate programming. I really like Yarns. The only complaint I have about it is the lack of clock input. But I can live without that (most of the time.) It’s flexible, stable, and the sequencer is fun, the arp is fun, and I can layer, and double, and break it out into various different uses and I really like that a lot.

I save the CV and Gate outs of the Pyramid for special things like controlling something out of the case completely, or for control over sequencers or other more macro duties.

It would have seemed like over kill to me to begin with, but I kept finding myself somewhere and wishing there was just one more control source, and lusting after sequencers, arpeggiators, and other control sources. Now I love trying to do everything in the modular, in fact I kind of really prefer to keep as much of what I’m doing within the case. But it’s really, really nice to be able to then record the CV and Gate patterns or sequences within the Pyramid once I’m really “there” and have the ability to call it back up when I need it in a performance, or for recording, or just taking another look at it later.

For this type of progress I found that having many CV outs made a huge difference.

3 Likes Shuttle Control is my favorite option. Had some issues with earlier firmwares (for both of them), but they’re jiving smoothly now.

I would recommend cv.ocd, mine is shipping now, but after all the good things i read i don’t think i’ll be disappointed


hey there, I just received my pyramid, and I hooked it up with my modularsynth via cv/gate, but while being in mono edit mode and using all 16 notes the pyramid sends a pretty annoying 250hz signal and every octave above of it to the synth.
does this occur to you as well?

HI did you mean that when you plug cv from pyramid in your eurorack you hear only 250 hz ( b3 note)…?..Did you use gate in to vca or just CV signal…Pyramid Cv is calibrate around C3 maybe you have to tune you or oscillator ,in pyramid if you are in live mode and play with the keyboard you can listen a notes changes…?i use my pyramid with my eurorack and i don’t have …i send clock from pyra env and control un voice with cv and gate ,midi out to Yarns and evrey work fine…let me know…(sorry for my english)

In Mono edit Mode: When composing a Sequence each Midi step adds a 250 hz „Noise“ Signal, which Means the more steps i add the louder the Signal Becomes. It clearly is less Loud than the Synthesizers sequenced sum. But it is more than annoying.
Note that When i Switch to poly edit Mode and to a Note i havent used yet the Noise Signal gets lost.

The Problem i See is When jamming, Cause Every Recording will be Domes. this is a big letdown for me.

I have one of these. It’s spectacular, takes up no HP, lots of control outputs, works exactly as intended.

Bumping this since I’ve noticed the same issue. I suspect it’s a USB grounding loop, so I’ll try some things and report back. I’m also reaching out to Squarp support to see if we can get it going.

I’m using Pyramid plus Yarns for CV/Gate, and an FH-1 to convert CC LFOs/automation to voltage. Very powerful setup.
Bonus: Pyramid can be powered from the FH-1

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Hi i have similar set up form my eurorack ,i have yarns all ready i just think to change for endorphine shuttle but fh-1 is good choice,you powered pyra and also send date from usb and midi pyra out to yarns?..

Pyramid is powered via the FH-1 and sends midi to it via USB, Yarns receives midi from one of Pyramid’s din midi outputs

i noticied that changing the power supply could help with the ground loop issues, try with an iphone charger, i heard they have really clean power. but i think that only applys for the intergrated cv outputs.

For sending MIDI CCs to modular : The Doepfer MTV16 is probably the most bang for the buck MIDI to CV (16 cv outs for €100) but is very bare bones (no enclosure)…

The Endorphin unit performs smoothing to remove stepping in the CVs, so it would be the best option if budget allows.