Envelopes per event?

Coming from modular world, I’m wondering if there is a way to output envelopes aimed at specific CCs per “event” on a track. I realize an automation curve is a sort of envelope, but I’m thinking more about supplementing the envelopes in a synth. Press a note, get a “pew” or a “whoop” or fade in a LFO. I’m also thinking in terms of modulating the Hapax’s own envelopes.

I can imagine a way to integrate a hardware envelope generator, but that’s more complicated.

No, it’s more structured like daws where automation is separate. This is largely because in a polyphonic environment you are sharing cc.

For mpe this is different , that will have per note expression/editing.
This is planned for implementation.

But we need to wait to see what and how that is delivered, to see it’s possibly beyond mpe.

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Too bad, but thanks.

JES, you might want to have a look at the FH-2 from expert sleepers.
this has alots of features under the hood.
I see it has an “envelope” entry in its editor. Just, i´ve never used it myself.
it has also LFOs for example.

But: personally, i^d defininitly like to see a mono-Voice mode in the Hapax !
there´s many reasons his could be very useful. …adding “there” such features.

but further do i think, right now, has the Hapax other problems, than “the features nice to be had”.

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I’m already ahead of you @Funky40 – I have been using the FH-2 forever. But programming it is…not fun.

My first thought was to do it manually: run a gate out into an envelope generator, run the envelope generator into the CV in of Hapax, and convert that to MIDI and route it where I want. The problem is that this would use up an extra track of Hapax until such time as we can select multiple outputs.

But I bet I could get close with a synced triangle LFO, where I modulate its shape.

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I have “ENV FX” in my backlog :wink:
It’s a MIDI effect that generates an envelope to whichever destination you choose, every time a note trigs.

It will come in a future update, for sure, because I want it badly too.


WOO-HOO! Thank you.

Note to self: really sell feature requests, so that Thibault wants them badly enough to implement


8 encoders… 8-stage envelope, by any chance?

Ooh, this is great news. Was already trying to figure out if there could be a creative way to patch this already on Hapax (spoiler, have not yet found a way).