Envelopes per event?

Coming from modular world, I’m wondering if there is a way to output envelopes aimed at specific CCs per “event” on a track. I realize an automation curve is a sort of envelope, but I’m thinking more about supplementing the envelopes in a synth. Press a note, get a “pew” or a “whoop” or fade in a LFO. I’m also thinking in terms of modulating the Hapax’s own envelopes.

I can imagine a way to integrate a hardware envelope generator, but that’s more complicated.

No, it’s more structured like daws where automation is separate. This is largely because in a polyphonic environment you are sharing cc.

For mpe this is different , that will have per note expression/editing.
This is planned for implementation.

But we need to wait to see what and how that is delivered, to see it’s possibly beyond mpe.

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Too bad, but thanks.

JES, you might want to have a look at the FH-2 from expert sleepers.
this has alots of features under the hood.
I see it has an “envelope” entry in its editor. Just, i´ve never used it myself.
it has also LFOs for example.

But: personally, i^d defininitly like to see a mono-Voice mode in the Hapax !
there´s many reasons his could be very useful. …adding “there” such features.

but further do i think, right now, has the Hapax other problems, than “the features nice to be had”.

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I’m already ahead of you @Funky40 – I have been using the FH-2 forever. But programming it is…not fun.

My first thought was to do it manually: run a gate out into an envelope generator, run the envelope generator into the CV in of Hapax, and convert that to MIDI and route it where I want. The problem is that this would use up an extra track of Hapax until such time as we can select multiple outputs.

But I bet I could get close with a synced triangle LFO, where I modulate its shape.

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I have “ENV FX” in my backlog :wink:
It’s a MIDI effect that generates an envelope to whichever destination you choose, every time a note trigs.

It will come in a future update, for sure, because I want it badly too.


WOO-HOO! Thank you.

Note to self: really sell feature requests, so that Thibault wants them badly enough to implement


8 encoders… 8-stage envelope, by any chance?

Ooh, this is great news. Was already trying to figure out if there could be a creative way to patch this already on Hapax (spoiler, have not yet found a way).

I think there is some inspiration to be found in the Low Frequency Expander by Yorick Tech.

It basically processes MIDI to expand the number of LFOs/ENVs on any synth - with MPE support!

Dying to have this in the Hapax :drooling_face:

See videos such as:

Isn’t the Hapax already an LFO expander? If you’ve got a MIDI addressable synth, you can already assign LFOs—lots of them. For my Super 6 desktop, I made a preset with knobs for all the shift functions I regularly use, and some assigned LFOs so they are always ready to go.

Of course, envelopes will be great when they add them.

Well, maybe you could say the Hapax is a global LFO expander.

But afaik, the LFO effect cannot work on a per voice basis (i.e. be triggered by note events).

Edit: In case someone is from the future, this is based on version 1.04 of the Hapax OS

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Right – good point. That is a distinction.

Version 1.10 RC includes

  • New effect: ENV (ahdsr envelope with variable curvature)
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Nice work!