hapaxOS 1.10 RC - Looking for beta test volunteers

Hey y’all!

We’re almost ready to release the next hapaxOS version: v1.10 !
It introduces Instrument definitions, a new envelope effect, early program changes, and much more :grin:

However we’d like to get some volunteers to beta test it.
You’d get access to a Release Candidate version, which means it has already been tested in house, and not much is expected to change between this version and the stable production release.

How to join

This is an open beta. Just hop on to the beta website to get it!
The updated manual is available as well (PDF manual here).

How to send feedback

For all feedback, please send an email to beta@squarp.net
Please note we will not consider any feature request at this stage. Bug reports, small suggestions and general feedback is welcome. For all bugs, please provide a clear step by step procedure to reproduce it, so that we can fix it more easily.



Oh hello

That change list is pretty saucy. I like.

One thing, I cannot seem to spot the sample definition file linked in the Manual?

Url points to here: https://squarp.net/hapax/manual/modetrack#rJmhPai but cannot spot anything on that page for definitions yet?

Apologies for being impatient.

It seems the pdf version of the manual links to the normal manual when it tells you where to look for instrument definition examples, not the beta manual. And its the beta manual which is where links to the instrument definitions can be found at this moment (at the bottom of the page about tracks). You need to stick a “beta.” at the start of the link, which gets you to the right place:

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Many thanks for the new features, you guys have been busy! I installed the update with no issues but sadly wont have a chance to actually try the new stuff for a few days.

The definitions are good, although actually the main thing I’m excited about with them is it assigning output port and MIDI channel super quickly.

I am intrigued on the entry for INCHAN as this doesn’t currently seem to do anything. I had assumed it would filter out MIDI from other channels when that track is selected, but it does not. So perhaps I can dream that this means in a future update those tracks will always listen on those MIDI channels and we can play/record multiple tracks at once…?

So many things in this update that I am genuinely surprised and pleased with. Top work, lads!

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Did my post start something :smiley:

Thank you squarp team
The pre send program change to elektron machines
Waouhhh thanks thanks

Awesome!! Pretty much everything I was hoping for and a lot more!

Will test this week :smiley:

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@Thibault_Squarp what’s the delay on the PC pre-send out of interest? It’s still not long enough for my old Kawai K1m, sadly.

It seems the manual hasn’t been updated on the 25 new arp styles? Can’t try at this moment, but was curious about what was in there :slight_smile:

(note) order
up+down (same as above, but it duplicates the top and bottom notes in the sequence, so a b c c b a a b etc)
velocity up (I think from playing it plays the lowest velocity first up to the highest last?)
velocity down (opposite of above)
converge up (think it plays first in note order, then moves to up)
converge down (opposite)
diverge up (no fucking clue, so maybe I’m wrong on the previous two)
diverge down (whatever the above one is, but opposite?)
converge/diverge (???)
diverge/converge (???)
pinky up (going to give up guessing now, these all sound very similar to note order to me)
pinky down
thumb up
thumb down
regress 2 up (just like up, but it plays two of each note - aa bb cc etc)
regress 2 down (can you guess?)
regress 3 up (like above, but 3 notes)
regress 3 down (ditto)
regress 4 up (actually playing this, perhaps the last three are not quite what I thought… seems like the first notes you play just go up - a b c a b c etc - but then any additional notes get played after get inserted into a 4 note playback or something? maybe I should give up guessing… sounds nice though)
regress 4 down (blah blah blah)
double 1:2 (it’s definitely doing something)
silence 1:2 (has a silent note play after each 2 notes)
double 1:3 (probably like double 1:2 but different)
silence 1:3 (single silent note after 3 notes in the arpeggio)

Hope that is helpful?


Awesome, thanks!

Chord transpose is absolutely killer. MIDI Sinfonion.


Stoked about / math conditions!
Always felt missing from elektron trig conditions imo…

I guess/hope this will spark a flood of shared definition files.
Are most people happy with the pyramid way (a forum category) of doing it? Who can setup a new category for the Hapax if this is the desired solution?


Yes that’d be great

Thank you thank you thank you for instrument definitions!!! With a large # of midi instruments this is going to make my projects much easier to manage.

I tried out a simple one to start with - my Vermona DRM1MKIII. It was easy to prepare the txt file with the good examples and instructions, and it worked perfectly :slight_smile: … Can’t wait to get all my other instruments into defs. I’m used to creating defs on the Cirklon by punching buttons manually, so the txt approach is interesting.

Just a word of warning though - somehow in the process of creating my first def and loading onto the (stock) Hapax SD card the card managed to brick and the Hapax said it ‘failed to mount’. It seems the card is basically wiped now and all data lost. Fortunately I had backed up my most valuable Hapax files. Probably my user error, but just a reminder to back up before using the BETA or playing around with the SD card :slight_smile:

Oh, and the new animations on the effects are terrific!

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And the new arps are super cool!!!