Does the Hapax support mulitple midi devices if a Powered USB hub is connected?

Hello. I have nothing to add to the above question.
Thank you!

no, not at this time.

Are you saying that Hapax doesn’t support USB hubs?

as I already stated - no, not at this time

tbh, its not been an issue for me
I either use it more standalone, so 1 usb is enough. (also we have din/trs in)
I plug it into my mioXM, which handles lots of midi devices usb/din

no idea if this is planned or not.

The goal is for Hapax to replace my Akai Force, but right now I have a bunch of synths and a foot pedal connected to Force over USB MIDI via a powered USB hub. Looks like I’ll need to have something like a mioXM or mioXL to be able to use Hapax in my studio.

Should I put this in the “feature request?”

I was hoping I could sell my MioXM but looks like not at this time… :wink:

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I guess so :slight_smile:

#1 point on Feature request list: USB- Hub support ! ( active USB-Hubs)
(where to post feature requests ?)

ok, but mioXM or XL is working ( i have none, and NO money,…don´t ask for the cause :laughing: )

all feature requests should be sent via the contact form

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yup. that’s what I did :slight_smile:


I might misunderstand your reply – if not –
The MioXM/XL doesn’t work as a midi/usb hub when plugged into the Hapax. You plug the Hapax into that. Then use Mio Software to set up the MIDI routing

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Wherein I am made to appreciate that I backed the Conductive Labs MRCC much more.

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Here is to hoping that the Hapax works with the mrcc’s wonky USB inputs better than the last 3 devices I have tried (M8, OXI, Intellijel Palette)

Here’s hoping the kenton interchanger is not vaporware :-).

The Retrokits RK006 supports multiple devices off a USB hub as well

Thanks for making me aware of this. I had been contemplating the MRCC as a replacement for my mio xm, but after a review of all the USB issues in the forums, I’ll be passing, at least for now.

Even with my bad luck with USB it is still one of the best thought out pieces of kit I own. The speed of routing UX is incredible, and being able to program it without a computer is massive in my studio (no daw). I know Conductive have an OXI on the way to them so they can get it working. If the Hapax doesnt like it ill try and get them hooked up with Squarp.

for clarity my FH-2, 16n, OMX-27, and keystep all work, I still use it to power the M8, but have to use the trs midi, which works like a charm of course.

All my major synths with USB don’t, specifically the Hydra, I assumed the digitone wouldn’t work since Elektron is doing wonky stuff with their USB drivers.

thanks for clarification !
No, i was the one who understood this wrong. :wink:

I received my Hapax today, and the first thing I did was hook it up to my Digitakt via MRCC USB. It does indeed work immediately and as expected.

I can sequence the 8 samples on C0+ or per Digitakt midi channel settings. So far it’s been fun to utilize the Digitakt’s C0+ implementation to see all 8 notes on one Hapax “screen”.


Oh hell yeah! TY for the update.

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