Does Hapax listen to program change messages?

It’s clear that Hapax can send program change messages to change banks and presets on external devices. Can it also listen to those same preset changes? I’ve always had issues with the MPC One because it sends program change messages but I can’t move around the studio and play with my synths because it listens to program change messages as pattern changes. So if I move to a synth and thumb thru a few presets, it’s not saved to the song I’m building on the MPC. I’m hoping Hapax sends and receives program changes the same way so I can finally work freely in the studio.

If I’m understanding your question correctly, you’re asking whether Hapax automatically assigns incoming PC messages to the current active pattern.

It currently does not.

It doesn’t have to be automatic. But then what does Hapax do with incoming program change info? I see in the manual there is the option to ignore incoming PC but I didn’t see any info on options for where to route PC messages.

I would have thought HAPAX (in a future firmware) will use PC to change patterns…
I assume based on the Track Input (midi port/channel)

this is whats happening on the Pyramid. and kind of ‘expected’ behaviour for sequencers (e.g. Elektron)

but of course, we need this to be optional, since you don’t always want the HAPAX to do this when it receives PC.

I wonder what work flow calls for sending pattern changes to the sequencer? Must be connecting to a DAW, right? Because my guess is it’s far more likely the hapax is the mothership of your setup not the slave to another sequencer.

It’s odd because most of these sequencers I run into this issue with are “primarily” for dawless workflows. And reciprocity is one of those design principles where I’m surprised that you don’t often see the functionality to accept PC messages the same way you send them. I feel like I’m missing something.

multiple sequencers in a setup…

so many musicians have multiple elektron boxes, so they use one as the master, and when that one switches patterns, it sends PC to the other electron boxes which also switch patterns.
(Elektrons all both send and receive PC for patterns changes)

multiple sequencers in a hardware setup are not that uncommon really…
e.g. I have the Hapax, but also have an Octatrack…

personally Id used the Hapax here as the master,
but I can see that perhaps some may prefer to use the Octatrack… and then it would seen PC t o the Hapax to keep aligned with patterns.

you know what its like , 10 musicians with the same gear will all use it differently :wink:

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