Difficulty playing samples exported from Ableton

Hi all, I’m having difficulty playing samples on Rample that have been exported from Ableton. I can confirm that loading .WAV files from other sources (random sound packs) works fine.

  1. I drag a loop from Session view to Arrangement view (Ableton 11.0.1).
  2. I click File > Export Audio/Video.
  3. Here are my settings:

What happens is that the Rample appears to fail to load any Kit that contains any sample exported this way. When twisting the encoder and selecting a kit, the display stays stuck on the Kit name.

Any ideas?

The Rample used to have an issue with some sort of header information. This had to be stripped out. Ableton would include it in Exports.

Historical Information: Sample Transfer

Although the manual seems to state you can use Ableton (which I don’t remember it stating before…but it’s been awhile since I’ve read that section (1 year at least?)), I would suggest stripping the header info off if you have that capability to test it out. Audacity or mp3tag work (I use the latter for bulk, former for single files, because: reasons).

Also: Are you using the latest OS?

Another option might be data corruption, but if you’re making new files I’m not sure this would be an issue. If you have the original audio files (or don’t use/want them) and have been through the process of reformatting your SDCard, reloading the latest OS, reloading the audio files.

Frustrating. I’ve lost more than half a day on this, and based on the Sample Transfer thread this is common enough that it should have at least warranted inclusion the Squarp manual. At least a caveat in the documentation would have sufficed (if indeed there’s no way to address this with an update to RampleOS).

I tried the Media Human Audio Converter referenced in the other thread. It did not work. I have ffmpeg installed on my macOS system, running the command referenced in the other thread did not work.

I need an “official” supported workflow on macOS to handle this with a minimum of additional bullshit. I don’t mind running a command or processing samples via another application, but it needs to work the first time.


Well, the manual changes with OS updates. I dont know if stripping that info off is required anymore, but i still do it.

If trying that did not resolve your issue, then thats not the issue, eh? :wink:

If you want “official”, you might want to contact Squarp at squarp.net/contact - Im just a Rample user trying to help.

Apologies if my suggestions were “bullshit”.
Good day

Sorry, who are you?

this is considered a community forum, so the mods are helpful users and not connected with Squarp.

members of staff from squarp are marked as admin.
however, support from Squarp is done thru the contact form as @CreepyPants said.

its rather odd Ableton is not working, since it was working when I tested (albeit on a previous firmware)

Ahh, my apologies @CreepyPants I thought you were staff. :sweat_smile: Sorry…

Are you on Ableton 11 by any chance? The export options seem to have changed slightly and I’m wondering if it’s an 11 thing.

I also had trouble getting rample to load samples I made at first (though I use bitwig, not ableton).

It has successfully loaded every mono 16bit 44.1kHz .wav with no extra metadata that I’ve put on the card.

Chances are, if it’s not loading you’re either not in mono, not 16bit, not 44.1kHz, not .wav, or have extra metadata.

Maybe share a .wav that isn’t loading and we could check it out?

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