Different Pyramid’s bpm with Ableton

Has anyone noticed that the BPM in Pyramid is not the same as common? Not like in Ableton for example? I mean if I record kick by Pyramid’s clock and after that put this record in Ableton with same BMP I can hear difference about after one minute with Ableton’s metronome (not in sync). Is it on every Pyramid or just mine? Mine is MK3.

Your clock in ableton is dictated by your soundcard, which can be different on another PC or soundcard.

Any standalone hardware device set to a specific BPM will desync from another one soon or late. Thats why synchronisation was invented.

This topic talks about the same:

Just sync your pyramid to ableton via midi

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Just sync your pyramid to ableton via midi

No, don’t do that. Well, I guess you could try it, but every time I try that my Pyramid sounds like it’s drunk. BPM lurches all over the place.

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