Copying patterns between projects


Has anyone found a good way to do this? Obviously copying the MIDI files strips any FX and length details.

I’ve resorted to writing everything down on paper to swap between projects I’ve got.


this would be good. importing tracks/patterns/other data from other projects. would be killer feature.


as of OS 3.0 - only way I know is to use an text editor and copy details of core.pyr from one project to another. its not user friendly, and easy to screw up.
so id not advocate unless your feeling brave, and you think its going to save you a lot of work. (which is unlikely, as most of the work is probably in the midi files which are easy to copy)

i kind of touched on core.pyr hacking here


I know I’m late to the game, but this is seriously, kind of a thing. The ability to load tracks, and all of the patterns contained in a track from a saved project into the one in current use is a MAJOR factor in being able to create smooth transitions from the ideas expressed in one project to another in a live performance setting. Not just the midi files, but all of it. The routings, the effects, hell even the sequences, if possible. As long as one has open sequence and track slots, why would this not be a desirable feature in what is supposed to be studio center piece??


I know it can be done by dragging and dropping the midi files from one project into another, but that’s pretty clunky in a live setting. Being able to load tracks from a submenu where the list comes up, and you decide on a target track then boom, would be an absolute godsend. And on that note, I’m going to contact Squarp directly with this suggestion.


it is! for people with linux background :grin:


Not really. Linux doesn’t allow you to handle the desired functions inside the Pyramid itself. You’re still pulling a card out of the Pyramid, stuffing it into a port somewhere, futzing around with your computer, then ejecting the card, stuffing it back into the Pyramid, and loading from there. In a live situation, this is horribly clumsy and unlikely to be workable. Linux doesn’t fix that.