Clean the Playpads?

I’ve had my Pyramid for a few months now and it’s one of the best pieces of gear I’ve ever purchased. Pad #1 sticks occasionally though, so I’d like to hear some ideas on how best to clean around these pads. Canned air? Work it until it stops sticking? Can they be removed for cleaning and re-inserted? I haven’t spilled anything on it and it stays covered when I’m not playing, so I’m not sure what might have gotten in there. Any help is appreciated!

Hi @UpTop,
Did you ever found a solution for that? I have just opened a brand new pyramid mk3 and I’m having a sticky pad.

A brand new device is not supposed to have sticky pads. Contact the dealer or Squarp if bought directly from them (Contact us | Squarp instruments).

yeah I contacted them as well. no answer so far but I’m sure they’ll answer in the next days.


The pad still sticks occasionally, but I don’t really notice it any more.I think with use it should work itself out. If you get an answer from Squarp will you please reply to this thread? I’m wondering if there is something that can be done. It’s such a minor issue I don’t really want to send it back to Squarp.

Which pad is it out of curiosity? Mine is the #1 pad.

Hi, it is pad #2 for my.
Squarp answered that they could replace my unit, but that I can try scratching a bit the paining in the immediate surrounding of the pad and see if it gets better. I’ll try that later today and decide if I ask for a replacement or what I do…

@frederic.font did you solved this problem? My new MK3 have sticky pad #9 ((

If this is a new pyramid you should contact squarp.

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@thetechnobear nobody answer :man_shrugging:


Found this on YouTube.


I have several shipments of my pyramid for the same problem. They repair it and the few hours again give the problem. In my case there are several pads that fail. I am very disappointed with this, I have never happened with other devices.

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Hi @Bromich,
I’m very sorry you’re having issues, and we will get to you very shortly.

Customer support is open during office hours, from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. As with all companies, emailing on the weekend is bound to have you waiting for a few extra days. But we’re on it right now.

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