[BUG?] PC conflict between patterns of pages 1 & 2

need your help to understand whether I’m facing a bug or if this is the normal behavior of the Hapax. To replicate the bug:

  • Create a pattern on the first pattern page in slot 1 on any track, and assign it a PC (PC, MSB, LSB) through the encoder’s submenu. Choose any values for the three parameters; it doesn’t matter.
  • Move to the second pattern page (using the down arrow), and on the same track, create a pattern with a different PC Change through the same submenu.

You’ll likely notice that two patterns in the same slots on both pages will share the same PC settings. If you change the PC on the first page, it will alter the PC on the second page. Be aware, this only becomes apparent when you enter the encoder’s submenu. The PC you can set by directly turning the encoder doesn’t seem to modify the submenu’s PC.

In short, I hope I’ve been clear enough for you to replicate this bug and tell me whether I’m misunderstanding something or if it’s indeed a bug.

Yes I can reproduce that too.

And what do you think about that ? Bug ? Feature ?

Bug. Each pattern should manage PC on their own. Can raise it to Squarp? Contact us | Squarp instruments

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See my post from a couple days ago. I am having the same issue but in there I show another way to do PC. :pray:

Were you aware of this bug? If so, have you already notified Squarp ?

I was made aware when I encountered this last week when I shared it on the forum. I have not made an official notification to Squarp but they did respond to the post thinking it was a bug.

You talk about this post : Assign issue on Hapax ?

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