Program change issue on Hapax patterns

Is anyone else having issues with saving PC to patterns? Somehow they just wont save properly for me and only work when I apply & send. Only the PC number changes sometimes and the MSB/LSB never shows up. So when I manually apply & send it goes to the correct bank and preset. But after that it stays in the same bank and just changes presets.

This is what I tell it to save

This is what shows up.

This is a pattern from a pre-2.00 project which correctly shows the PC, MSB & LSB

It happens on all tracks, what can I be missing here?

OK so I found a way to make it work but I wonder if this is a bug or not? You used to be able to select and hold a pattern to edit the program change. When I do this now it introduces all kinds of buggy things where also the encoder sometimes doesnt work. I have made a video about this but cant upload it here. The way I can make it work now it to select a pattern, then select and hold the track this pattern is on for a sec and then the midi channels will show but also the program change menu. When I edit it from here it saves correctly somehow.

This also happend while working with PC while holding a pattern.

It looks like a bug, I’ll investigate.


Thanks for the response. Im actually happy I found this other way because I was holding the pattern for longer times when searching for the right PC sometimes. With this now I just select a pattern and press/hold/release the track and I am free to scroll through the banks and patches. :pray:

Does the PC\bank actually get send during pattern switching? bc it does not for me …

Can you explain why this work? I just tested it and setting a very high LSB makes its work but I dont understand why … @Knobsessions