Anyone using Hapax to control external effect?

Howdy folks, my beautiful Hapax arrived yesterday and I’ll be mainly using it to control my Sequential Pro 6, ASM Hydra and Moog SubPhatty, but I was wondering if anyone was using the Hapax to control external effects and if so, how are you using it and what kind of results are you getting? I’ve got a OTO BIM and Bam and a Moog MF-108m, and all have midi capability so am sure there are some cool ways they can be integrated! Cheers, Algy :v:

I’ve only done a very simple thing in this way so far - switching presets on the Meris Polymoon by using a track to send program changes.

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I’m using a part on my Virus as an effects box, for filter, reverb, delay, distortion and a phaser. I run my mix through it. I have a track on the Hapax dedicated to that Virus part, with the assign screen having the 8 knobs assigned to important CCs for the effects (filter cutoff, reverb mix, etc). I can then use them live or record more precise automation on them or other CCs that I want to automate for filter sweeps, slowly mixing in the phaser, etc.

Works like a charm.


Planning to go nuts with my Eventide h9 but I’m not there yet.

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Awesome, yeah I want to mess with reverb size and delay time as well as the filters and the freeze functions on the OTO machines, and all the modulation / time parameters on the Moog…. Imagine you could get some seriously trippy / gnarly time sequenced and modulated results like that. Especially the freeze function on the OTOs, it would turn them in to an instrument in their own right!

FX sequenzeing is tricky in that sense, that sequenzer lines “should match” vs. the sent values.
Best is to do alots of manuall jamming, AND observate which settings/values “exactly” do work.
Manual jamming is the quicker way to get a first idea, whats to set up later in the sequenzer, vs. doung a “try&error” “within the sequenzer”, …IMHO.
personally i turned off of that. Until you have specific FX that are quasi made to be sequenzed.

just: the Hapax is interpolating all automation lines as far i can see.
thats in several usecases contraproductive, imho.

interpolation can be turned on/off per automation lane.

okey, but: i cannot ! …only for recorded data.
whne i alter that data on the pads, i was jumping back to interpolation set: on.
Can´t access that menu for “on the pads” created automation data.
( none of the 8 encoders would “access” that menu point / expecting one of the 4 on the right side to be the ones / tryed them all / many times )

You say: that should work ? (to disable interpolation)
(edit: guess we better need a own thread on that one then)
edit 2: ok it exists allready


Spent most of today controlling an empress reverb via midi and a retro mechanical labs Hyde/Fuzz Via CV. It was glorious.

Reverb is getting mix and thing 2 automation via CC, the Hyde/Fuzz is getting filter and lowpass amount modulated via CV.

Warning, there is both feedback and a mess ton of distortion.


Using a few automation lanes to control the mix level and other parameters of an Hologram Microcosm. No interpolation on the effect’s Mix parameter (dry/wet) lane, just bursts of 100% mix at irregular intervals, on a dedicated Hapax track which has a length different from that playing the drum machine passing through the Microcosm. The correct mode on the Microcosm yields chopped breaks and unpredictable rolls, very nice. Fundamental to this is the fact that the Microcosm has MIDI in and follows the project tempo. Nice depth there, lots to explore.