Any plans for more scales in the scale plug-in?


i think has been a common request.

pentatonic minor and major seem like glaring omissions to me.

or any plans for custom scales so we can do it ourselves?


I am confused. This device appears invincible, perfect sequencer. But we cannot set custom scales? Many scales in the diverse world (I am wanting to use several Japanese pentatonic scales). I never expect to find them in any ‘catalogue’ of scales as part of hardware. But most (esp. modern) sequencers include ability to customize scales (simply include/omit notes from 12 point “Western” scale). Even Beatstep Pro, the “poor man’s Pyramid”. We cannot customize scale in Pyramid?

Thank you, it appears as a beautiful product. Scott


i fully agree, custom scales as well as arps are much needed


Have to agree with this. Being able to load in custom scales would be excellent!