Zoom note entry length?

Hey guys. If I zoom out and draw in notes, it will show as 1 step but it will print as 2 steps. If I shorten it to half it will return to “1” step. Is this supposed to be like this, or am I missing out on that note length scales to the zoom? Thanks!

Yep, note length is relative to your current zoom level. So “1” just means “1 square on the grid as you see it”.

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yes thats normal … it confused me already at the pyramid

also something to be aware of , as caught me out :wink:
(Ive raised this with squarp, as an area were can possibly have a bit more UI feedback)

the pads/display are ‘rounding’…

so, if you enter a note as 9 steps at zoom /2 , and come out to zoom / 1
pads will show 4 steps, and holding will also show 4 … but its really 4.5
there’s no ‘feedback’ that its a bit longer…

the only thing you see, which confused me… is on the right display, you might see notes overlapping, whereas on the pads they don’t !

in fairness, if your programming steps, this is unlikely to happen (or you already did it deliberately) ,
but if you record live… its pretty common (well if you are a bit tardy/play legato as I have a tendency :wink: )

why does it matter?
for a poly synth, not really… for mono, or cv/gate it can be pretty important.

what is also important, is that if you alter the note length, it’ll keep that ‘fraction’, similarly if you copy n’ paste it around… you’ll end up with that fraction…

is this a bug?
NO… in fact its very much what is should do, and is intended to do…
however, I think really the UI could just inform you a little better.

e.g. Ive suggested that perhaps when you hold the note, it puts a little + sign next to it, to indicated its slightly longer than its saying.
(its not always 0.5, e.g. you could zoom in and make a note 1/64 longer… so display fractions is not really viable)
I did think about the the pads extending a bit, but actually that would just create more “noise” than useful.

Ive also said im not sure if inc/dec should keep the fraction… but a bit undecided on that one.

how do you get rid of the fraction?
not too bad, reset the length (to 1) without note selected, set the length you need… then hold note(s) and reset to default. seems like a faff, but in fairness… its pretty quick given the note selection tools we have.

anyway, just something to be careful of , particularly if you are playing in live.

( as I said, Ive already raised this all with Squarp, so perhaps can be ‘fine tuned’ a bit in the future)


I also think this is pretty confusing. I’d love an option to just set a note length (in 1/16th notes) independent of the zoom level.

At least it should properly show the exact length, not a rounded value.

Send a feature request

I’d be surprised if it changes though … it’s the same on the pyramid.

I get why it might be confusing at first, but once you get used to it, it’s really part of the whole workflow - then it’s natural and actually more powerful than having fixed values.

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Yeah, I’ll have to send a feature request for this as well.

I don’t really think in terms of grid units, I think in terms of music, and I don’t think about music differently when I’m zoomed in or zoomed out. I just want to place a sixteenth note, or an eight note, or a quarter note, or whatever. So, having the meaning of those values change between when I’m zoomed out or zoomed in feels a bit confusing, and having to do math in my head to figure out how long 1 actually is at a given zoom level seems like it will become tiresome.

But I understand why the length works that way.

Maybe Hapax could show both the number, which is relative to the size of a grid unit, as well as the effective note length, eg. 16th, dotted 16th, 8th, dotted 8th, quarter, etc, so we can have both :slight_smile:


Very well said, I feel the exact same

Email them!

when u are playing really fast, (the max is 16000 bpm) u have a i dont know 2048th note…
i like it how it is…

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