Write to Record?

Hello, I haven’t received my Squarp yet but I am day dreaming about different things like for example, on videos I see of the sh101 and ms202 the users are inputing notes and rests manually with the sequencer. Is there a function like that on the squarp? It’s not a deal breaker at all I’m just day dreaming.

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no, there’s no step entry on the pyramid

something like an event list would be awesome for this (like Alesis MMT8 has)


it would be, i grew used to it with a bunch of mono synths I had, but oh well.

Well, but in step write mode you can create a pattern, and then press some keys, and then hold the step and enter the note length, velocity, and what not…
It’s not a list, but it’s a piano roll with notes and dedicated controller knobs.

It’s definitely not step writing in the vintage sense (which I also really love) but it’s possible to annotate and edit based on numeric or specific values.

I have a CSQ-600 and a couple of other analog/vintage sequencers for that sort of inspirational fun. It really would be superb if the Pyramid (and Hermod) had this sort of flavor… Set pattern length to 5 beats, and then step in a few notes and get lost in it…

It’s possible, but it’s not as simple as that at first, so it doesn’t feel nostalgic at all. But it is possible.

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Oh man, that would be the dream, I’m going to try this work around and see if I can something.

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