Workflow Question: How do you make tweaks to longer midi passages?

I have a 8 bar sequence with chord stabs from a Blofeld, playing them on my Keystep in real time. Some notes are a tad “off” timing wise, how do you guys go in and make small adjustments on individual note timing?

Do you do it differently for chords than how you would a melody?

Help me out fam I’m pushing deeper into this amazing machine and losing myself a tad on the long for midi editing.

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Step Mode
Hold the step pad in question
Adjust the offset




Step Mode
Delete the offset step and Step Edit directly what Note & Velocity you want


Cool! Do you do any editing in the STEP/DISP view? I’m still a little confused what this view helps with.

Also … how do you nudge chords? That’s a poly mode nudge, correct?

With an 8 bar sequence what I’d usually do is just set it to loop, then open up the step editor and move notes one at a time. If it’s a really long sequence and i don’t wanna wait for it to loop, then I think you can press play twice and it will start from whatever page your on in the step sequencer - so if it’s like the build at the end of 32 bars, i might do that instead of waiting for it to loop around.

I do everything by hand personally. So I just go note for note and nudge things into one of 7 values: -3, -2 -1, 0, +1, +2, +3 clicks to get my humanization and get whatever groove i’m going for.

Also, for a chord, I think if you just hold down the step with all the notes on it, you can nudge them all at once - i do this a lot. So i’ll go to step sequencer, hit ‘record’ so that i’m looking at all the notes and not just the selected note, then press the chord and turn the timing knob to nudge it. Note that the nudging will be relative, so say your chord is three notes that are -1, 0 and +2 clicks, and you nudge it, they’ll all nudge from the point they’re at. Though I think once something butts up against 0 (the grid line), things would then compress in time.

Note that I refer to the nudging values as ‘clicks’ because there’s not infinite granularity on the pyramid. The pyramid will show you percentages and those are relative to the zoom level, so basically when you’re thinking about this in terms of percentages then 0 is the grid, and one click would be a single turn of the knob (to the next timing percentage)


Amazing, super helpful thank you. I’m going to go back and read the step section of the manual, I’v eread it a few times but clearly I need a refresher. Super super helpful thank you.

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Thanks friend, I’m looking up “consolidate” now, I think I need to learn more about this. Quantise is hard as it seems to create unpredictable results since my notes tends to be naturally offset with a sense of swing that quantisation can kind of robotize.

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