Will this mini USB work with the Squarp Pyramid MK3?

I just got my pyramid and I thought Micro USB and USB Mini are all the same thing and notice they’re different.

I have a Zoom R8 usb cable which is also Mini USB I think but it looks a little different with the USB power supply that came with the Pyramid MK3.

Compression: https://imgur.com/a/5fn4sso

The one that came with the Pyramid is on the left. The Zoom R8 USB cable is the one on the right.

I currently don’t have any Mini USB cable except for this one.

Will this work ?

I can’t use the one that came with the pyramid because France plug doesn’t match Korean sockets.

Thank you.

There are a couple sizes of usb but they are all different enough that they won’t fit into each other sockets ( ie difference is very obvious, not subtle)

Honestly from the pic it’s a bit hard to tell

Examples of different types…


Good news is you should be able to find adapter