Will Hapax support global swing?

Will Hapax support global swing? It’s a feature I use on the Akai Force all the time! I didn’t see any mention of it in the 1.0 manual.

+1 for global swing- it was one of first things I was hunting around for when messing about with it for the first time last night.

this is an interesting one… is it really common?

other sequencers that I have (Octatrack, USTA, pyramid , hermod) also have swing at track level., no global swing.

on the Pyramid, in later firmware release, they added ‘Master Effects’, basically these allowed track effects to be controlled from one place. so you could put a Swing FX on tracks you wanted, and then change the % on the master fx.

it felt a bit of a cludge in some ways … but I suspect this might be the way they’d approach it again.
perhaps if you could do this with ANY FX this would be cool (on pyramid it was limited to a few)

this is ‘almost there’ in some ways… as we have project LFOs which can modulate multiple tracks, so really its almost an ‘ASSIGN’ equivalent.
(I guess as a workaround, you might even be able use a project LFO… very slow :wink: )

anyway, send a feature request via the contact form… the more users that ask for the same feature, Id assume the more priority it will get !

My Akai Force, TR-8S and Drumbrute Impact all have global swing, and it’s something I use all the time.

I actually don’t entirely understand why someone would want to give just one track a swing or shuffle feel, instead of all tracks. But that’s probably rooted in the fact that I play blues and jazz music, where an entire song has a shuffle or swing feel, and the whole band applies that feel to everything they play.

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I would like global swing but do prefer the option per track. I like to vary the swing amount a percentage or two between tracks to get a nice feel.

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Octatrack does indeed have global swing FWIW.

In any event I think both global and track level swing can coexist as they do on other sequencers. Having a swing effect on an individual track can simply override the global setting.

The idea of using a global LFO to accomplish this is intriguing too. May need to be a modifiable pulsewidth shape to work as a typical swing?

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More control with per track, it can get robotic when everything has exactly same swing,
but I’d be happy to have both because sometimes you want that. but I definitely prefer per track if had to choose

+1 for global swing.

I think all electron boxes have global swing. It’s painful needing to add the effect to every track on Pyramid. Even if you ‘link’ them.

I’m still up for then having per track swing which can override the global setting.

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I think global swing can be a super fun performance tool. E.g. in a straight 16th piece, you can use it to build great tension before a transition, and then resolve (go back to straight) when you hit the new section.

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another vote for global swing (just applying it to a drum track makes any other non-swing tracks stand out like a sore thumb, which then becomes an adventure in matching up each separate track’s swing rate – could be interesting if someone was experimenting with it but for a house track, better that everything’s locked to one clock)

Can we please get global swing? I completely forgot about this thread, went looking for instructions on how to enable global swing, and found this thread instead :frowning: