Why the Squarp Pyramid Sequencer?

Figured I would start out on this forum with my first post by asking the community why should I buy the Squarp Pyramid?

I know, I know… some of you will think there are already resources out there that explain the pros and cons of having a Pyramid but I figured who better to ask than people who have first hand experiences with the Pyramid and potentially other sequencers. Most people on other blogs state why one sequencer is better than the other but really only utilized a MPC, MC, or Electribe so their testimonials are biases and only assumptions IMO. Hopefully a few people can take the time to really explain to me why the Pyramid should be my next sequencer :slight_smile:
So here I go…

  1. What are the major pros and cons between the squarp and other sequencers you have used?
  2. How did the Pyramid improve your workflow? (If at all)
  3. What are the major features that make the Pyramid so “special” to YOU?

Don’t stress about going into too much detail as I’m 99.99% certain this beast fits my needs but I thought why not gather one last overview from the people that matter.
Thank you for your time and efforts.

Personally I wanted a sequencer which would allow me to create multitude tracks, of varying lengths and much longer than 8 bars (my default length is 16 bars)
I wanted one which allowed for a full studio of synths. I wanted one with some cool tricks up it’s sleeve on the midi side (like midi echo etc)
I have an RM1X which does a lot of this, but is limited in other ways.
I have an MPC Live which I’ve not used as much for midi…
It’s one purchase which I have never regretted, and I will never sell as it is such a great machine to record into and jam with. The workflow just clicked with me from the start

n.1) Euclidean sequence
n.2) Arp and Midi EFX for every tracks
n.3) Total control of any gear of my studio from one device


I like the great balance between immediacy and power, it has everything needed to do most things I need from a sequencer, and what I really like is how the fx can be combined and automated to do interesting and quite complex things.

It takes a bit of getting used to, but this is time well spent, at first and on an earlier PyraOS there were a few things that I didn’t gel with, but these have been refined and now it feels like a mature and complete instrument.

It handles different track lengths better than most, the SEQ mode allows rapid creation and trying out of sections, the elegance of operation for many functions is also very nice, for example changing a steps parameters is a simple as holding the step and turning the encoders, the only other sequencers which I have used that are similar in this way are Elektron, of whom I am also a big fan.

The are a few improvements that I’d like to see, but these are not essential, just icing on the cake.

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We tend to compare things like i.e. “my Mc808” is doing that, I want my pyramid to do the same”.
For the creator(s) of Pyramid (squarp) concept it is a big triple thumbs up.
Very different and you need to be patient for the first time.
Be familiar with stuff like custom chords, meaning of zoom (note length, pasting, copying), seq mode, fx mode and the list is quite long not to forget you should save your track or machine setting when it’s what you like.

After 3 months of learning you’ll see how helpful this little guy is while performing.
Be patient with him not only because it is very francophone, he’s also clever :slight_smile: Let him guide you now, it will improve how you think.


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All I know is, every single person who writes music on the pyramid becomes a superstar over night. That’s why I got it anyway.


Thanks a lot guys I appreciate the few words of advice. Now I must decide used or new… but Squarp Pyramid will no doubt be a great addition to my synthesized dream world.

i treat Pyramid as a MIDI groovebox without sound generation.
absolutely superb machine for jamming and composing.
and btw, very backpack friendly.

Another bonus to the Pyramid is this forum. I have come across questions or issues and always had it answered here. There is always something to be said for a strong user community.


I like its colour… :slight_smile:

more seriously, I like it being a small/compact desktop unit, which has a nice workflow - and being able to control things from one place. I’ve also got a few things that either don’t have sequencers or aren’t as good/intuitive as the pyramids.

thats the core, but Ive also really enjoyed its midi (looper) recording and the midi fx can be fun and useful at times.

oh, and not to take for granted, for me Ive found its very reliable… just turn it on, and off you go - its a stable/mature product :slight_smile:


TY for everyone’s time. Everyone just solidified the fact that this is the sequencer for my needs. As stated before I was certain to buy one but hearing personal testimonials and seeing the commitment & involvement this community has only affirmed my desire to host the Squarp along side my synths/hardware. Thanks again and I look forward to discussing Pyramid related topics with you guys, sharing thoughts and insights on this lovely unit and above all creating soundscapes with euphoric and entheogenic properties.

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