Why is there no global scale setting?

Maybe I haven’t found it, but it confuses me that there seems to be no global scale setting.
Setting up a scale effect for every track/voice is a bit cumbersome.
A global setting would be so practical, and probably easily implemented. It could then be overridden by a track‘s scale effect if so desired.
Please correct me if I have been oblivious.

If this was at the sequence level, that would be great.

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There is no need to set up the same effect more than once, as you can copy/paste effects.

Yes, global settings would be in the Sequencer menu. And track settings could then override global. Just like a midi effect that can override a previous one.

That is true, of course, but an extra global option for all tracks would seem much more elegant.
And if you want to change a midi effect (that you use on every track) you have to do it for every single track. Seems a bit involved and a global setting could simplify that.
Or am I missing something?
When you copy an effect to different tracks changing one instance of the effect will not change the others, right?

I don’t know why anybody would need more than a couple of scale effects. If you play 8 voice polyphonic tracks, then I would assume that you know how to play in one key. I don’t think anybody would do 8 tracks of fully randomized notes. Additionally, copying effects is extremely fast (and might get even faster in a forthcoming firmware update). I see no use case for making scales global. It is exactly a strength of Hermod to offer scales which differ from track to track (I use differing scales quite a bit)

“Why is there no global scale setting?”

I don’t see it as an ‘glaring’ omission, as Ive never missed it. Im generally quite happy copying FX between tracks where needed.

but for sure, different users have different requirements, so definitely worth posting as a feature request to Squarp , and get their thoughts on it.

I think it could make sense when programming a song with lots of voices in the same key/scale.
Individual track scale effects could then still override the master setting.

I also use a Vector sequencer (great pair with Hermod, btw) and it has a global setting for a number of parameters, many of which can then be individually adjusted per track.
Very handy!