Which Pyramid port to use for clocking an external analog unit?

I want to send a clock signal from Pyramid to an external analog unit for syncing (just clock, no other message needed). The external unit is not MIDI’ed.

Not being used to syncing analog gear without MIDI, so I am a bit confused by these Pyramid outs:

  • CV OUT
  • CV (OUT) ENV

Which one would be best just for clocking this ext. unit ?
Thanks !

depends what your external unit need… is it just clock… or does it need start/stop?
are you using the other outputs for anything?

settings are detailed in the manual

id probably start wtih

then use ENV OUT for clock, and GATE OUT for start/stop

you’ll want to set DIN SYNC to relevant ‘speed’ , try SYNC24 initally, then adust if its not right.
you also might want/need SEND DIN SYNC to ALWAYS

altenatively… you can use a really simple approach, and ignore all the above.
and just use a pyramid track, set to CV/GATE and place steps appropriately.
this is ‘low tech’ but actually can be quite fun to do things like ‘wonky clocks’

as is often the case with the Pyramid, there is no ‘best’ approach.
it provides a few different ones, which suit different hardware better, and use-cases.

knowing which to use, depends upon your particular needs and setup.
(if you dont have all the details to hand, you can also experiment to see works best for you)

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Thanks, I don’t need START/STOP . Just clock.
By “ENV OUT” you mean CV OUT(ENV) ?

exactly ( ^ ENV on hardware)
if you dont need start/stop then just set it to DIN SYNC

Its a while ago since I used it…
I tended to prefer to use GATE into my eurorack, but that was because I used midi for the stable clock, then used the gates as a clock that could be ‘messed’ with :slight_smile:

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Please help !!!
So per your post, I tried
I connected from Pyramid ENV OUT to the unit to be synced (EHX Super Pulsar) But it doesn’t work !!
So, I tried to use the other Pyramid ports (CV, and GATE). But without success either.

Then as a last resort, I did make a sync track with 4 quarter notes, and set the track out ENV GATE, and this too didn’t work.

For all these, and no matter what BPM on Pyramid the Super Pulsar didn’t register any change in tempo.

I suspect there is something I am doing wrong or omitting.
Please can you re-confirm the Pyramid settings I should use and after which Pyramid port (ENV, GATE, CV) I should use ?

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