Where to output MIDI Tracks

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How do you output more than one MIDI track if you only have one TR MIDI output?

This is what the manual reads:
“8 additional tracks are dedicated to output MIDI only. To toggle between CV/Gate and MIDI tracks, either Scroll the encoder or Press track .
The screen will show TR1 MIDI to TR8 MIDI : Press one of the 8 track selection switches to select a MIDI track.”

a single physical Midi connection transports 16 Channels of midi Signals…
You’ll just have to make sure that your gear is set up to listen to the right channel, and then you can daisy chain things together; for example Hermod midi out to Synth midi in, then from your first Synth’s midi out (or through) to the next synth’s midi in etc…
The wonders of midi :))

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Thanks for the reply.

I have both the Poly Cinematic and Bitbox micro modules, and both required midi in, but then how do I split the midi signal (they do not have midi through)? Midi splitters, stackable cables? or for eurorack modules do I use the CC/Gate outputs?


Hi, I have a bitbox as well. Update to the latest firmware to have midi through.

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I use an Expert Sleepers Tiny MIDI Breakout. It is essentially a stack of TRS inputs with pins on the back. You can wire up the pins so 1 midi in can send its signal to any/all of the outs. Works well and is only 2hp. Otherwise an external midi box?

you would usually rely on your MIDI devices having a through port or using a MIDI through box. I don’t think you SHOULD split a MIDI signal passively (since it was never meant to be used like that) but I think it can still work.

Some module based options…

Thank you all for your replies!