Where is the pyramid headed to? What is planned for the OS?

maybe someone could share a link or answer where the pyramid and its OS are headed to. Are there plans for new features? Or will there just be bugfixes?

I would be glad if I could get some insight,

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we have only just had a major OS release (3.0) :slight_smile:

Squarp (like many developers) don’t publish a plan, or announce features in advance, so we can only go on comments made here.

They have said (repeatedly) they are pretty much on the limits of resources (cpu/memory) on the Pyramid, and that more would jeopardise its stability (which they are not willing to do)
So, Id not expect any new features/major releases.Id say its likely, we are probably now at ‘feature complete’ stage, give or take some minor tweaks.

Squarp are however, planning on a bug fix release for 3.0 (a number have been reported/acknowledged) - they have not said when this will be available.
Id guess it’ll be when they are confident they’ve fixed as many outstanding issues as possible.

all that said, as releases/plans are not pre-announced who knows what Squarp might have hidden up their sleeves :slight_smile:


Thank You for your reply. So I will wait and see. I am totally happy with the pyramid, but sometimes it lacks possibilities to manipulate the tracks, like random order of notes, reverse play of patterns, only play steps 6 to 13… Just to name a few…


loop points (start and end) inside a pattern
and various playback directions (reverse, pendulum, random etc.) would be very nice, indeed
it would make the Pyramid even more flexible and inspiring :star_struck:

I don’t know if it is technically possible with the current hardware though…


yeah, I think everyone has there own wish list, as we all use the Pyramid differently…

personally, Im keeping expectations in check, as I think its unlikely we will see much more than bug fixes.
I think its now a ‘mature’ product, which does what it does… and that of course means its suits some users/uses more than others - its not a general purpose computer it can’t be extended indefinitely to cover everything.

but Im sure Squarp is listening, perhaps they can squeeze in something else, or perhaps they are already thinking about a Pyramid 2 - which might have more powerful hardware.

but all that is pure speculation, we have no idea what their plans are…it will hopefully just a nice surprise.

for me this is and how I try to look at it - focus on what it does rather than what it doesnt do, or might do.
all said and done for me, its amazing what we have today at our fingertips.


Hello @TheLoudest

Very good ideas. I’am having Pyramid since a year almost and finally decided to scroll for new ideas here around. What you say sounds quite possible.
I would also add:

  • select inside pattern, split patterns in more sections and send these sections to other slots. So the otherway around even better: the possibility to , not only copy patterns in to others by adding over the pre programmed but also, the ability to can paste a pattern in the end of an other.
    This would be a ‘sort of pattern chain’ and it would work properly in the logic of Pyramid…
  • Better managing of Sequences and copying them without bugs. Moving all sequences together to right or left… or create empty spaces in between. Possibility to preview the next sequences’s Track States.

Pyramid seams to be 2 steps near the independency . its a almost full featured package, and just by looking at the evolution of its story I believe there will be one more upgrade.

Let’s hope !