Where is the global swing setting?


how can I set the global swing amount that is shared by all tracks?



afaik, swing is per track… there is no global swing control (unlike the pyramid, which was added later)

what you could do is perhaps use external modulation (cc/cv) to alter then swing on multiple tracks in one go (via the mod matrix)

you can see a feature request via the contact form to see if its something they might be able to add.

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hm, but this is really obscure, isn’t it?
this is a strange design decision since swing is mostly a global and not a local feature.

Btw. do they actually look at this forum from time to time and reach out to their customers?
because it seems quite quiet over here…

Hi @KoSv ,

do they actually look at this forum

Yes we do :wink:
We just find that most of the time, the community either replies faster or with good “user-ended” point-of-view. So we intervene less frequently than we used to, because of the maturity of this community.

Now, wrt the Swing effect, because of the way effects work, being per track with independent settings, having a global control over all effect instances of the same type would go against the core principle of the effect system.
While you may feel like semantically, for Swing, it makes more sense to be global, others can appreciate the flexibility.

That being said, you can always use the modmatrix, for each track that has a Swing effect, and set the amount to respond to CV A, for instance. Then you can patch CV A to a knob, or even self-patch Hermod to get global control.


I haven’t touched any of those setting for a while, but I’m pretty sure I just set up swing as an effect on every track and used a CV input and the mod matrix to enable it for every track. It wasn’t too hard.

Nice! :slight_smile:

well, a global effect system wouldn’t be such a bad idea and wouldn’t go against your effect design principles.

yes flexibility is great and swing per track is “a-nice-to-have” feature, but if you think about it from musical point of view in 99% of all cases this doesn’t make much sense.

yes nice hack! and the modmatrix is great. but quite bit complicated for such a basic feature…

however. thank you for your time and many greets to France! :slight_smile:

I agree that the current system of swing being an “fx module” is really cool. (Also, you can do crazy things like applying multiple swing fx in a chain with different time bases.Try it!)
However I also totally agree that a global swing is awesome to have, and not in a work-around kind of way.
If I had to choose, I would take the per-track implementation.

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