When do keys light up exactly, with midi input?

Hi! I have been looking for clarity on this: I can tell that individual keys light up (of a chord, for instance in LIVE Chord mode - using the lower row of keys) to represent what note is being played.
But i would love to also determine visually what notes are in a chord that I play on a midi controller going INTO Pyramid - by having the keys light up!

  • when does pyramid light up the individual notes (of a chord)?
  • how can I have it light up in response to incoming midi-notes?


If I recall correctly, it does. But you have to have the ‘keyboard’ of the Pyramid in the right octave, so try playing up and down the external keyboard, and then you’ll see them light up at some point.

(Unless I’m wrong, not had my Pyramid for a while now)

That’s what I remember as well. Like you mentioned, the biggest gotcha there is having the Pyramid’s keyboard in the same octave as what you are playing via an external controller.

Ha wow! That’s it! Hmmm so rewarding to see it. And to understand the logic. Thanks for sharing your responses!


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