What is it that I am not getting?

This should be simple but I am just not getting it. If I want the 2nd sample only say out of six samples in SP1 for any given kit then using a trig into CV how do I do this? I’m lost with this other than recreating a new kit and choosing one sample per SP1, SP2, SP3 & SP4. What do you say?

sorry, I don’t understand the question.

each sample position (slot 1-4) can have multiple samples as layers
these layers can either be selected by randomly, cyclic,cv, velocity (midi) or manually (thru ui).

Say you have six samples in SP1 from Kit. When applying a Gate, I want to choose one out of those six samples and I don’t want this to change. I want to apply a CV so it selects which one I want. When applying that CV I don’t want the sample to change thereafter.

apply → SP1 → Layer - no?

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