What counts as a program change in HAPAX?

Hi there. General dumb question for a throwaway account. For those who happen to know, what counts as a program change in HAPAX? this is is regards to automation and such. I checked the manual and there was little in regards to info such as that.

Reason I ask is I am also curious to know if it is possible to automate tempo and if HAPAX can achieve some of the same BPM effects that pyramid can do. I know time elasticity is a thing but I want to be able to gradually automate tempo overtime if that makes sense.

Program change (currently) can only be sent out … and it means Program Change midi message (as per midi spec)

there is currently, not an option to module bpm or track elasticity…

but of course, early days :wink:

Being able to automate the BPM is important to me, and I’m suprised this feature is not included yet. That would be great if new firmware brings this feature to the happax.
I like to compose tracks with slow tempo at the first section, followed by a tempo acceleration leading to a climax.